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240717 Blackpink on Front Page of Nylon Japan Magazine!! 😍❤️❤️

220717 Guys did you see Blackpinks AIIYL Remix Version? It's soo good OMG and also idk why but the beginning sounds like a new song ..LIKE A TEASER FOR A SONG IN SQUARE THREE OH MY LORD. .Maybe I'm thinking to much but the beginning sounds soo good!!

230717 Rosé in the airport black to South Korea!! Black pink to extend promotions for 1 month for AIIYL for thanks for Blinks breaking the YouTube records! Keep streaming guys~

200717 Still Cut of Rosé during Inkigayo Stage~ So pretty!! ❤️❤️👏🏼👏🏼

190717 Blackpink Front Page for ELLE Mag! They are the first group to do so~

190717 Blackpink Rosé at Gimpo Airport, flying over to Japan!! 😊💕

160717 YAYYY BLACKPINK WON ON INKIGAYO TODAY!!! today maeks #AIIYL #Blackpinks1stTripleCrown IM SO HAPPY!! Also Jennies Vapp!! Blackpink deserved it so much!!! Keep streaming AIIYL we are almost on 70M 👏🏼🙏🏼 Also have you heard the Japenese Versions of Stay, PWF, Boombayah and Whistle!! My favourite is Whistle because the raps sounds sooo lit in English!!! Ahah im in a good mood today ~EHEEET~

110717 Rosé pictures from MBC Music Core 💕 I was waiting for Chae to wear this althought i wanted her to wear this dress with her bangs 😭😭 oh well theres always next~ Almost 60M veiws roo!!

090717 YAYY GUYS WE GOT #AIIYL2ndWin IM SO HAPPY!! Lets keep streaming to get more wins in the future~ Did you guys heard Blackpink are coming to Knowing Brothers? Blackpink will film next week and in 2 weeks we should see there episodes (I will give links once eng sub)!! Also today on Inkigayo there was a lot of RV and BP ineracfions thats were nice heheh~

060717 Blackpink Rosé for HighCut Magazine! Weekly Idol is now eng sub~ It was soo funny and we got to hear Rosé sing IU You and I, its amazing!! 💕

050717 Rosé Update on Channel+ Behind the Scenes picture from As If Its Your Last MV Filming!!

050717 Rosé giving us Hearts 💙💙

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