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Sioux Falls S.D. You guys were amazing and in full force. Such a blast. Billings Montana from the bottom of my/our hearts we are so sorry we couldn't make your show. Fucking mechanical issues are so Fucking frustrating. We love to play for all of our family. It's what we live for. I'm sure your pissed or bummed but we are equally pissed and bummed. I've played shows where I can barley talk but we always go off and we always have fun. Nothing else to say other than it's was an out of our control. We looked at every way to try to make it but it just wasn't feasible. We are so sorry for this and we'll do our best to get back as soon as possible to make it up. I just wanna say thank you for your understanding. We'll see you sooner than later. Keep your head up, know we love you all and Metal On!!! The Screamin' Demon!! #heavymetalfamily @wombatfire

So we were going though our meet and greet line today and this man (A Fucking WARRIOR OF LIFE) named Josh walks up to us to take his photo. The First thing out of his mouth was "I had a mild stroke a few days ago and I wouldn't have missed this show for anything in the world." His speech was broken but you could tell his mind was clear and functional. His motor skills have just diminished because of his recent affliction. But I'm sure with patience, therapy and time he'll be back to normal sooner than later. This man has the will of a thousand and I'm honored to have met someone so strong. It's inspiring to me personally to see him keep pushing no matter what the circumstance. This just reinforces everything I say about The Heavy Metal family and Our music in general. How cathartic and empowering the music is and how powerful we are together. He will take something far greater than words could ever describe away from his experience tonight and He will get through this because he has all of us to lean on and support him. So please hellions send him your most positive thoughts for a quick and full recovery. Thank you Josh. Today you reminded me to never take a moment of this life for granted. No matter how low You can feel at times there's always someone that has it worse and is willing to fight to get through it! You've made me want to dig deeper And fight harder. I hope this will remind and inspire us all to live life to the fullest and make every second count. Because you never know what the next second has in store. So when life tries to trip you up, just do what Josh is doing right now and Metal fucking On! Chadnesss #heavymetalfamily

Screamin' like a blood soaked demon at the one and only Iron Horse saloon in Sturgis, S.D! Good times with metal heads, gear heads and throttle junkies! Thanks for coming out y'all! We had a blast! Let's make it 3 in a row! Thank you to ALL the GREAT STAFF @ihsturgis Until next time...Metal On! The Madnesss

THE HEAVY METAL KIDS OF ATLANTA, GA! 💥! METAL FUCKING ON! The Screamin' Demon! Shot by THE BAT! @wombatfire @kyngband @canehill

So for those of you who were wondering how to throw your back out! THIS is how you do it! Haha! Also over the next week we're going to be doing more tour documentary videos and I want to engage you all as much as possible. So if any of you HELLIONS have a question you would like to ask hellyeah (whole band or member specific) please post your question in the comments to this. And we'll do our best to answer them in the tour documentary. Like I say every night. "We are HELLYEAH which makes all of you HELLYEAH!" So fire away and Metal Fucking On my friends! Chadnesss P.S feel free to refer me to a good chiropractor 😜

3rd and final (for now) tour/album talk. More to come! Keep em up🤘🏻be UNDEN!ABLE! And Metal On Hellions!! The Screamin' Demon!

ATLANTA, GA! HOME OF THE ONE AND ONLY "KDMFS"(Kyle Dane Mother Fucking Sanders) Y'all we're incredible! Take care of each other, spread the Madnesss and Metal Fucking On! The Screamin' Demon! 💥🤘🏻 #beundeniable #heavymetalfamily #hellionfamily #wereallinthistogether

Part II of tour talk. Tonight Jacksonville! Let's get our minds right! Metal On! Chadnesss

More tour talking. Enjoy hellions! Metal On! The Screamin' Demon

Okay. It's time to face this. It's not often that Something transpires that renders me completely and utterly speechless. These past few days I have been consumed with confusion, disbelief, pain and deeply saddened by the loss of my old friend Chester Bennington. I guess I've been trying to tell myself if I don't believe it then it's not true. But, that's not how life works is it? It's to real and to tragic. It's beyond words. I'm not here to judge or to question. It's not my place. We all have our demons. I just want to show my love and respect. The only reason for this post is to wish Chesters family, his band members and his Millions of fans around the world my deepest and most heart felt condolences. I'm so sorry for you all. I've just taken these past days to sort it out in my mind and try to focus on the good things. The tours we did together, the talks and the laughs. Outside of being an amazing singer and artist he was one of the most genuinely real and gracious people I have ever met. Just a good person. To be as humble as he was with his level of success is almost unheard of. So with that said, Thank you Chester, for all that you did for us in your life and for the music you and your band created that will live with us forever. Rest In Peace my friend. Chad #yourockfoundation #heavymetalfamily #wereallinthistogether

Stick Em' Up! I Love the energy of this picture. Yeah it's a big air jump shot but that's not what is the most intriguing part of it to me. You could look at it and say that "I'm" the subject of this photo but to me it's "ALL OF YOU!" The electricity of the crowd! That's the subject! The "FAMILY" being shown in full force here. Every Fucking hand is in the air! Just such a blast to "All get together!" and release! You're "The Stars" of this shot! Look past the jumping Madman and give yourselves a hand for absolutely being the gasoline on my fire! That's what created this amazing shot for my boy @wombatfire To capture. Grand Rapids your up in an hour or two! And I wanna do it again! And again! AND AGAIN!! Metal Fucking On Hellions! The Screamin' Demon! 🤘🏻#heavymetalfamily #hellionsrulesofuckalltherules

Ladies and gentlemen... friends, neighbors and colleagues...please meet the Heavy Metal Kids of Traverse City, MI! You guys we're absolutely Electric! Thank you so much for coming out! Place was slammed on a Tuesday Night! BOOM! 💥Spread the word, carry the torch and Metal On Y'all! The Screamin' Demon!

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