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Chad Murray  My New Novel "American Drifter" has arrived! Put God & family 1st, the rest will figure itself out🤓Twitter- @ChadMMurray

Investigating the afterlife a bit tomorrow with Tyler @hollywoodmedium on E! Tune in and see my pho-hawk, beard 🧔 game going strong. #hollywoodmedium

We love living in the mountains... I love this video for the pure fact my boy gets to experience nature at its finest all the time. And his voice is SO DAMN CUTE!!!! Yesterday we hiked, encountered a rattlesnake(he knew the 🐍 rules), today we caught lizards(catch & release) and we eat the fruit off the trees daily. #Blessed @rooeemer #Wifo4Lifo #MountainPeople

Can you see her? She stopped my son and I in our tracks today on our hike, as she rattled her heart galore. Then I calmly scooted her into the brush. I love the mountains. #rattlesnakecountry #TopangaDays #Hiking #MeAndMyBoy

Basket for our Boy, Basket for our Girl, But 1st & most importantly CHURCH! HE IS RISEN! 🙌 Great service @therocksandiego @milesmcpherson Happy Easter brethren😎 @rooeemer -Happy Easter Wifo.

Spring & Fall are my FAVORITE times of the year- Fall #1 due to 🏈 Regardless, it’s that time when you fire up the Grill for some much needed food overload. @firemagicgrills And FYI nobody paid me to say this by any means I just really love my Grill. Haha. I’ve had her up to 1000 degrees for that salt encrusted 🥩

SPRING IS HERE! Thank you God! Spring has finally shown its face here in California. Soaking it in... #Running #springishere #workoutwednesday

Is there a # for #UnmotivatedMonday Sure enough there is! Here’s mine... Just wanna sleep, eat junk, grow a big ole beard and a belly and wear PJ’s. Maybe #TurnAroundTuesday will get me back on track. Haha.

Woe! @bodaskins Life just got a bit more fun. And, my son & I just created a new game- Dragon Hunters... I love this hoodie!

I returned to the place it all started. Feels like yesterday... Ok, maybe not. It feels like 15 years ago I walked this bridge for the 1st time. 😏 I’m so humbled and grateful that so so so many of you went on the adventure along with us- and still do today. Much love to you friends! #OTH #OTHBridge #OurBridge #TheBridgeThatGuidedUsAllTogether

I spent many days on this porch pondering life’s great enigmas... Once a Scott, always a Scott. #OTH @eyecon3000 Side note- Friends, PLEASE refrain from writing on this kind persons home. They are wonderful people & let’s show them the respect we have for OTH by always respecting the property. #OnceAScottAlwaysAScott

I will see YOU this weekend in Wilmington, NC @eyecon3000 Stoked for some pizza, the beach, old friends & new ones! #OTH

Sometimes it’s just nice to leave the cap 🧢 on its hat rack & dress up. Sending love to you all. Happy Weekend! #Weekend #Meetings #Peace #GoodVibes #Relax #EnjoyTheJourney

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