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Chad Hymas Blogger/Influencer  Award winning speaker 🎤 Leadership entrepreneur 🎯 Blogger ✍🏻 Author X 6📚 Life coach🤜🏻 Father of 4 💙💙💗💙 Madly in ❤️with Shondell! 💞 Travel🌍 LDS ♿️

The people that you run into at the airport… Dad is heading out to Tulsa to be at a hunting show with Ace, and I'm returning home from Denver! #Mentor #Hero #ILoveThisMan #BestFriends 💯

No one likes to be put out. No one likes “delays” and mechanical problems at the airport. But a smile goes a long way! And also a note of gratitude. The message… Before acting out of frustration, smile. 😊It might change the way your heart reacts by way of your mouth, and others day WILL be impacted by that!!

Honored to be able to Keynote the National Association of Charitable Gift Planners! This group of 800 understands the value of #Legacy! 👊💯#Giving #Passion #Legacy #LiveWithPurpose #SpeakerLive #Speaker #Keynote

Coming into the city of conventions! Looking forward to tonight's opening keynote with #CCPA18 @TheParisHotelLasVegas 😉

I have to throw shout out for my son, Ace, doing a ton of work on the ranch. So proud of all his hard work the last few months. He's off to Tulsa for an outdoor show! #Elk #Pheasant #LivingTheDream

Give people the opportunity to get to know the real you, the you beyond the bravado of Instagram filters and Snapchat stories.

There is something special about not saying a word, looking into somebody’s eyes and reading their heart! #BestPartOfMyJob 👀😘💯

Tonight in Show Low, Arizona! Thank you @OwensCreeksideRanch for hosting us! Incredible venue! Love these young people!✨👌🏻✨

6:30 p.m. Tuesday, April 3, 2001. A delicate spring evening.
The huge bale breaks free and rolls backwards, falling toward me.

The bale’s crushing weight lands fully on me, slamming my face into the control panel. My body goes instantly numb and limp. I can’t feel my feet, legs, hands – nothing. The only movement possible is a slight shrug of my shoulders.
I am paralyzed.

This is exactly why I fly #Delta
Late arrival=tight connection. Weather affecting flights from coast to coast, and yet I arrive to this unexpected service in Minneapolis?.... I love this airline! #Delta #DeltaSkies #DeltaPorsche #IFlyDelta #CustomerService #AboveAndBeyond #TheyGetIt #FYIUnited 💕🙏🏻💯✈️

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