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Chad Hymas Blogger/Influencer  Changing lives one day at a time! 🌍INSPIRATION+EXECUTION=RESULTS! Speaker, blogger, author X 6, life coach, father of 4.Madly in ❤️with Shondell!


Seated, buckled and ready for a Sunday trip to Toronto! Excited to listen to a podcast from Jeffrey R Holland 👍and make this Sunday a holy one as I fly thru the clouds! #LoveSunday #KeepSabbathHoly #FlyingInHisHouse☁️#DeltaSky #DeltaProud✈️ #360 #JefferyHolland

Even though well-meaning friends and expert counsel may tell you something is impossible, please take my word for it, “impossible” is only an estimate. Whether an injury or paralysis is physical, mental, emotional or financial, there is power inside each of us – and a Power outside us – that can move us beyond our assumed or predicted limitations.

What a cool valentines present! We are so blessed to have the BEST friends! Grateful for Jason and Tami Hewlett's family joining us tonight for Kyler's last home basketball game! Loved having them in the Buffs House!
#SeniorNight #CommunityRaisesAFamily 🏀 Now I'm headed out!🚁

This is my this world! Everything I love, dream and live for is because of her! What a true gift from God, and an angel she has been in my life! Can't wait to see her this week!#MyValentine #TheUltimateGift #4E 🌹💓

I have a dear speaker friend whom I respect a lot. Ty Bennett! Truly an inspiration and a marvelous speaker that I enjoy listening too every time! I find myself comparing me to him. Wrong or right, bad or good, I just compare! Today, comparing his hotel view to mine. Today he is at the Westin in Tucson. I am at the Fairfield in Gillette, Wyoming! #IWinThisOne #EatYourHeartOutTy #AreYouJealous #ILikeCold #NoSunshineHere 🤧

Every tech geek's dream! 🤓 That's what's my college intern, Josh Lundberg, thinks as we sit here tonight working on projects in my hotel room. I think we'll be up till midnight!
#pbihl #photobyjoshlundberg #geeksquad #gigbytegalore #upallnight! @jpjosh99

OK, so here are some things I've been thinking about lately: Things are not always what they seem. For example, marketers and artist rely on this to make you see things the way they want you to see them. You can meet someone and they can tell you everything you want to hear without any hint of truth. Anyone can give off any perception they want. The world we see is a reflection of who we are and what we believe.

The self-fulfilling prophecy lays at the foundation of this concept; a statement that alters actions and therefore becomes true. Someone who thinks their night is going to play out terribly will subconsciously change their actions so that this prediction is fulfilled by their actions. Often the way we perceive reality is colored by how we want it rather than simply the way it is.

Perception drives people's behaviors everyday. The key, I'm learning, is to not judge based on perception's or assumptions. But rather to love unconditionally, as difficult as it might be at times! Put aside personal agendas and be selfless in kindness towards others, vocabulary and service! Wishing you all a blessed and great night💫

Place your hand over your heart. Feel that? That's called purpose. You're alive for a reason. Don't give up. Always go with your heart! It will not lie to you. Even when times are tough! This has been a tough past couple of days for family, friends and people we care about. But we know that if we go with our heart, all will be well! #GodKnowsBest #AllWillBeWell #SendingLoveFromArizona #TrustInYourself 🤘

“...Don’t do dumb things with your phone. You all know what I mean. There are countless ways technology can distract you from what is most important. Follow the adage “Be where you are when you are there.” When you are driving, drive. When you are at work, focus on the task at hand. When you are with your friends, give them the gift of your attention.
Your brain cannot concentrate on two things at once. Multitasking amounts to quickly shifting your focus from one thing to another. An old proverb says, “If you chase two rabbits, you won’t catch either one.”” Randall Ridd

Don't feel worthy of such luxury! Gorgeous hotel. Excellent view. And I want to share with somebody… Wishing Shondell were with me! @doubletreetuscon #MissMyGal👸🏻

Thanks Scott Mackintosh! What a fun night. I had forgotten how much fun high school basketball can be and especially rival games. I have heard Chad Hymas speak of his boys and how good of basketball players they were. Dad‘s often stretch the truth when speaking of their kids. On this occasion, Chad missed it by a longshot. Kyler is even better than Chad said. What an amazing young man and athlete. There were no technical fouls called on Chad either tonight. Good game all around and the Buffs won a close one. #nevermissagame #wearthepurpleproudly

This is what 🏀+🙏🏻looks like! Playing our rival tonight. Hosting the Stallions! Great club. #Priorities #ManOnAMission #Proud #jamiebroderickphotography

I prefer to be in the middle of a group rather than on the stage! Love the intimate setting! @WestMorelandCo #Kemmerer #Engagement #UpCloseAndPersonal #MenOf Steel💪🏼

Throwback to 2001. #CallingBackTheBowlCut Good luck in tomorrow night's rival varsity game! @kyler_hymas 🏀👌

One idea to change a life today: Find someone to give to! Call up an ol' pal, a grandparent, a child in college, one of your siblings... WHOEVER! Say this to them, "I was thinking about you today. Thank you for the impact you've had on my life". I would love a report back!

‪My wife sending me a picture of what heaven looks like back at home! #MissHome #HorseHeaven❤️🐎

Love spending time with high school students. Thank you Wes Moreland Company for supporting me and your community! Looking forward to our employee meetings tomorrow through Thursday! #BestAudiencesAreHS #SpeakerLife #EngageEducateEntertain 🙏🏻💯👍

Few things compare to the feeling I get when meeting with people and hearing stories of their successes, their failures, and what they're doing to overcome! #TheyInspireMe #PressForward 🙏🏻

Goodbye California! Our short time with you was very Cartoonish: Bright, Colorful, and Entertaining.
#PhotoByJoshLundberg🌞🌈🎨 #Cartoons

"True leaders understand that leadership is not about them but about those they serve. It is not about exalting themselves but about lifting others up."- Sheri Dew

Arrived to Newport Beach this evening! Love Orange County! Looking forward to tomorrow with #LCCM18! #LeaveALegacy #VisionWithClarity #Marriott #MarriottLoyal #Platinum #NewportBeachMarriott #SpeakerLife ✌🏼

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