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Chad Koeplinger  NASHVILLE, Tn. Tattooing by appointment in Nashville. Tattooing for 20 years. Also check out @eatingworld2017

Healed blast over on the awesome @xpescex you rule bro photo by my beautiful handsome stylish homeboy who can moonwalk real good and do other stuff really really good too @fst23

I can't wait for this!!! @revelationrecords

I have a few of these bronze #gorilla heads left for sale, they are hand sized, and bronze. These cost a lot to make,and are a limited edition of 10. 300 each, plus 20 for shipping in America, 40 overseas. PayPal is please include your address thanks!

Elbows from A while back

Strange one on my friend Christoph a few weeks ago. #shit #eastnashville #nashville #nashvilletattoo #adventuretattoo #baby

For sale. Let me know which one you want, 300 each, 350 for the yellow one, plus shipping. DM me and we can sort it out, thanks!

Today's listening pleasure. Haven't listened to this since 1994. #bigblack

Huge thank you to everyone that took the time to send my dad a get well card, it really cheered him up a lot, and I can not express my gratitude to you, your kindness and generosity in taking the time to send something, and to write the extremely kind words will be forever appreciated by us..... he is still in the hospital, it's been 43 days now..... he's a little more alert than he was, but still in icu and it is very touch and go, mostly go, honestly. I know he would be stoked if anyone else feels like sending cards or anything, I know that he would appreciate it more than you would believe. He can't do much aside from sleep and watch tv, he's not able to read really or do much with his hands. It been tough. Cheer up an old man in the sunset of his life..... Lee Koeplinger c/o ICU 2 landmark hospital 1285 creekside blvd Naples fl 34109

I live and have a shop in Nashville now! I'm not traveling much, I'm in the shop at least three weeks of every month, maybe even more. If you want to get tattooed hit the contact button on my profile! Thanks!

New sheet.