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Chad Wilson 


Somewhere in NY 7 years ago @itsdaver was working for @complex and becoming a stylist & @dulceruby (when she was THE model to book) started what we know as social media. #HBD @itsdaver no one really knows where we come from and that's alright.

me "im drowning..."
friend "no you're not."
me "damn. when's retrograde?"

soon you'll sell your soul for a drop of this πŸ˜“ there's red on the flag we salute / they say it's blood but we don't know the truth /
can't believe this place i'm in / things are grave and how can I stand / looking at my shadow / when I barely exist in this empty hollow / when you do this to me / we feel so helpless / cos a bird online don't fly far enough to save a dead man down in the fields @chadjwilson #standingrock #thought

I don't need your hand. I need you.
see. me. dive. into. - the raw. na βœ‹πŸ½ @yunggoldilox @the_only_g 9.16.16 🐻🐻🐻

something to hold onto.

life in πŸ‡ΊπŸ‡Έ basically

I like sitting on the floor. keeps me grounded.

put it in writing. that's the only way you exist.

@yunggoldilox time to fly πŸš€πŸš€πŸš€ and for everyone that thinks the struggle is not real - this is living proof of "try and try again" - discovery / heartbreak / failing / moving away / rediscovery / emergence - that's the real process. You can't buy that. That's real fucking life. proud of you - link in bio

@the_only_g - after over 7 years of friendship, I'm really proud of you brother. to know that we have been thru so much together and to be able to be apart of your life ups and downs, and you mine - im really just happy you let me be a gift in your life - to reconnect you with that person that we always believed in - you. More importantly @yunggoldilox is a manifestation of that and I'm glad you were open to letting me put you guys together. I know where this all stems from and well man - you deserve this. We love u. cc: @michaelpercy_ @cairusso @yunggoldilox #morning #goldilox #friendsonly

this weekend reminded me of all of life's little miracles that can happen from being a good person & kind hearted. thankful for @allhailesara for believing in my talent. I think working with children / young adults is something I should stick with. getting the chance to develop talented friends like @casiewndl also makes me happy and was grateful to have her there to support me and learn that LA isn't such a crappy place all of the time even tho it can be unforgiving a lot of the time. either way - thank you to everyone involved and giving me this reminder. πŸ“Έ photo cred @casiewndl

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