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Chad Copeland  Global Citizen 🎥Director/Producer @NatGeo Contributor Drone FAA 107 certified // ALTA8-MP/RED 🇺🇸 Air Force Veteran 📩

Ever observing... @natgeocreative

Sending a big thank you to everyone out there who I’ve been so fortunate to work with in my 37 orbits around the sun. I’ve had incredible experiences beyond my wildest dreams that continue to shape my mind and love for life. People like @ladzinski and @carstenpeter are full of raw talent and magic and I’m honored to have learned so much from them on assignments like this one in China 5 years ago. @emilyaharrington sending “Red Dragon” (5.13C) at Moon Hill. @natgeo

Nature shows us only the tail of the lion. But I do not doubt that the lion belongs to it even though he cannot at once reveal himself because of his enormous size.-AE @natgeocreative

The late 1800’s was an era of notorious bank and train robbers. One of which was Butch Cassidy. He was the leader of a gang known as the “Wild Bunch”. Hanksville, Utah was a supply post for the gang and they would hide out in these hills located just outside of town. Rich with uranium and other elements, this area has seen plenty of mischief. @natgeocreative

What if we could subtract human impact. #EarthDay @natgeo

“Bled Out”

Man and the Sea

A broken hand seemingly reaches out of the red sand.

In search of a feeling far beyond all cultures, beyond all problems of society and beyond unnatural dangers. I will always find my refuge deep in the wild, away from it all and here I will remember those that have fallen and those who have altered the fabric of my soul. @natgeocreative @mountainhardwear @adamsonalpinist @seanleary @timemmett +2

Rain eases through the Whitsunday archipelago, Australia. @nikonaustralia @natgeoadventure

A DH-2 Beaver floatplane stands on the surface of waters blanketing the Great Barrier Reef. @nikonaustralia @natgeoadventure

It’s all for you baby... I love you. #IGoSolo

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