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Charlene B。  🤘🏽 #CaliNativeLashes #FlashFangGems #TheMotherForkinSpoon #MegamiLifestyles #MerlotTheFJC #ZeldaTheKA7 #XenaTheZ4 🤘🏽

Mom said she didnt want to participate in my Heads Up game w/ everyone... said she doesnt want to play games...yet she ends up being the LOUDEST & most engaged out of ALL of us.🙄😂🤥
This woman cracks me uppp! #HeadsUp #TigardOregon

Day 3 in Portlandia!!💚🌳🌲💚
Homemade lunch & quality time, hiking the breath taking TRYON State Park w/ the fam & KKOKI Kbbq for din din🍢 Big Thanks to @SeeRyanDoStuff & @StacyBarnum
💚::hugs::💚 #TryonStatePark #Kkoki

It’s been 4months since ive last hung out w/ her over here in Oregon & ive already missed her so much since then!
So glad i kept trying to re-plan this trip over & over to visit this month even though it kept getting postponed due to some timing issues for the past 2 wknds now.⏳⌛️⏳
Cant wait to plan the next trip out here already to hang out againnnn!!!
Love & missed her so much!
No amount of distance can keep us apart♈️✴️♍️

Day 2 of this Portlandia trip, chillin’ w/ these Oregon transplants @StacyBarnum & @SeeRyanDoStuff equals so much funnnn💯💯💯
Cant wait to continue the next few days hangin’ round here, makes us not want to leave! Right @PrestinBueno?!😤

Keep Portland Weird. 🚴🏽‍♀️🍻🚎🍻🚴🏻‍♂️
The “Brew Cycle” 🍺🍺🍺

It’s A Beautiful Day In The Neighborhood🎵.. Well, THEIR Neighborhood. Lol 🌳🌲🌳
Photo By: @SeeRyanDoStuff #Portlandia #Tigard

Spring Break is winding down for @PrestinBueno & ending pretty quickly, lol.
We’re on Day 4 now.. 3 more days & back to escuela u go!!!🤪🤪🤪

The reason i dont want to have kids is because id want them to stay in their kid forms. Forever.
I dont want them to grow up passed the age of 16. Ever.
This is 1 (of 4) of my lovely nieces, & ive watched her grow, become into the beautiful young lady that she is..i hate it & love it at the same time.
Im so proud of her accomplishments, she’s doing great in school, she’s killin’ it w/ her dance team “ShowStoppers” & winning awards in competitions, she’s so beautiful, talented, smart & im so excited to see what else the future holds for her. Whatever itll be, she’s going to own it & kill it.
Along w/ my other nieces as well, theyre going to do big things.
Im so so proud of them.
But not going to lie when i say i do miss them being tiny & cute & not annoying & attitudey😂🤣😂
I love u, buttmunches @PrestinBueno @Mia_Barnum @KNchacon10 💛🧡💜
Dont grow up too fast on me!

My niecey @Mia_Barnum’s last wknd of Spring Breaky Break & we spend this Saturday together eating Quesadillas, Tortas, Fruity dranks, Ice Cream & getting ROBBED by all these impossible-to-win Game booths, lol.
These carnivals are like casinos for kids, i tell ya.
It’s all a damn gamble!💰🔫🎰

If youre ever in the Laguna area looking to get inked up, make sure u stop by @INKYARDtattoo_Co,
they relocated right in front of the beach mid last year & opened up shop on the corner of Thalia St. & Glenneyre St. 👌🏽🌴🌞 Prime Location & Great vibes!

Body Art By: 👹👹👹

Behind the scenes for @DAKO478_ ‘s Music Vid Shoot w/ @ART.BY.EI on the Skillful Body Art👺👹👺

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