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Charyanne🌹🇵🇷  "i speak spanish" my ass. |🎨|🎶| SVHS🐯🤞🏽|♡!!|LGBTQ+| #LLJ 👼🏽 #juniorsworld🌏💗 VI•VI•MMXVIII ❤

This damn thunder storm bruh
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Some love for my bitmoji cuz I think she is lonely.
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I just want to take a moment and appreciate Anthony for being In my life almost a year now and that today is our 2 months being together ❤💍 .
we might of had our "break up" but that was only cuz we wanted to keep it private for a while and you know.. The attention :). But I'm glad I did, Anthony And I got to grow more from that time and we spent a lot of time together too which gave me a chance to know how much of a beautiful and caring person he is 😭 🙌🏽. I don't really say this a lot of really I'm in love with this kid 😭 even though he annoys me 25/8 ima always have deep love for him no matter what ❤ .
We talked today about how we felt after our first time that we broke up and really HONESTLY neither of us moved on from each other for shit 💀 and I'm glad I didnt, I'm glad that god has someone like him in my life 😌 I'm really grateful❣💫. We have so much fun with each other too, we always make each other laugh hard as heck or just go places and enjoy the evening, small things like that makes me want to have more~ ( I love his head shakes btw, just lets me know that I'm doing something crazy and that I should annoy him 😭)
Not gonna lie time has been hard on us too, we aren't perfect but we try to be the best that we can. We love each other deeply and just care a lot about each other 💙. Anyways he annoying and always wants to come to see me 🤦🏽 which I do too so that's killing two birds with one stone 🤠. I have never had a relationship like this with anybody honestly and it makes me feel good that he is still there for me after all we've been through. I am honestly 100% blessed with this kid and I don't want to lose him.
(Watch he finna start crying while reading this)
Anywho Anthony, i love your ass so much, thank you for being there for me since last year honestly best shit 😤👌🏽 I love youuuuuuu ❤
Okay okay for real, its late.. Let me go yeehaw and gts. 😘

Happy national girlfriend day to me 😍💝 #edit #amv

I just wanted to take this time to appreciate my closest friend @komaedas.ahoge for making this for me ❤ this made my whole day honestly 😭 we might not know each other in person but god she is like a sister to me and I'm really grateful for her 🤭. Thank you so much for being in my shitty life and supporting my shitty ass 😭 love you bih 😤

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Memeryanne is underappreciated.
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Eyebrow makeup tutorial😉 nobody wanted dis but yolo bitch 🤣 disclaimer: a bitch lips were crusty as hell. Anyways enjoy ;) #viral

To be honest I think this are my real day ones, im honestly so lucky to have a crazy family like them ❤ #explore #viral #amv #edits

The alphabet with chary :)

Took me a long time to make this but tbh it was all worth it 💔😔 long live jahseh 🌏💓 #LLJ #xxxtentacion

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