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ʕ •ᴥ•ʔ  thanks for the run, love you all <3

if you guys have any questions or want to say anything, feel free to dm me within 2 days. I'll be on this account until Sunday, then I'll log out forever.

feel free to unfollow! no hard feelings ofc

and as always, much love ♡
- cha.aos

what a flop lmao
my audio & cc
@_cherisma r u happy now

peter "son of odin" parker
for @vengvnce ehehe
sorry this is so short
[#tomholland #spiderman]

snatched the spotlight
my audio
ib @attractivestiles
dt @lobrien_ & @ig.teenwolf
watch this flop lmaoo
sorry for not posting a lot! I've been hella busy with exams and this edit isn't my best effort for an edit. I got a new laptop so it'll take a while to download the tw eps again but I'll be editing movies since those are easier and faster to download! hope you guys don't mind (: also all of my presets were on my old comp so my style isn't the same on this edit I'm sorry. I'll transfer them over as soon as I can! love you all♡

— the better fox
ac rosesandaggers; wear 🎧 !!
cc sunqlia • ib retropeletier
for @_cherisma ily
[#omgpage #teenwolf #chaostira]

I'll take the couple that owns the show
my audio!!
if you want the audio with better quality, dm me
this edit deserves negative views
cause it's so freaking terrible
probably gonna delete
no hate intended
[#omgpage #teenwolf]

a bean & a badass
wear headphones!!
my audio and coloring
some text ib regimechxlls
[#teenwolf #omgpage]

shitty collab part that I'm definitely gonna delete later
for @dylanstilinxki 's collab

— in this house we dont stan dogs...
we stan badass werecoyotes
my audio and coloring
ib favouritevan
[#teenwolf #omgpage]
forgot watermark so dont steal
or else ill hunt you down

— we love one duo
collab with @malachaismoans !! (a vs god)
my audio / cc&ib l214l
[#teenwolf #thevampirediaries #omgpage]
oops wrong fandom

my audio!
cc l214l
thank you sm to those who joined, this turned out super amazing!!
part 1: @kassiopiea
part 2: @okgins
part 3: @getwooft / @orphickira
part 4: @novaturism
part 5: @xanagapesis
part 6: @demogorqn / @novagistic
part 7: @xphyros
part 8: @dysphoriac
part 9: @cha.aos
part 10: @virgostydia
part 11: @mysticxllen

— bitch
my audio
ib emiliasbastard
[#teenwolf #omgpage]
bringing back this song heyo
mY oNLy LaNe!!1!!1!
this is obviously not meant to hate any of the girls so chill tf out mkay

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