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ʕ •ᴥ•ʔ  inactive because of school, but trying my best

— in this house we dont stan dogs...
we stan badass werecoyotes
my audio and coloring
ib favouritevan
[#teenwolf #omgpage]
forgot watermark so dont steal
or else ill hunt you down

— we love one duo
collab with @malachaismoans !! (a vs god)
my audio / cc&ib l214l
[#teenwolf #thevampirediaries #omgpage]
oops wrong fandom

my audio!
cc l214l
thank you sm to those who joined, this turned out super amazing!!
part 1: @kassiopiea
part 2: @okgins
part 3: @getwooft / @orphickira
part 4: @novaturism
part 5: @xanagapesis
part 6: @demogorqn / @novagistic
part 7: @xphyros
part 8: @dysphoriac
part 9: @cha.aos
part 10: @virgostydia
part 11: @mysticxllen

— bitch
my audio
ib emiliasbastard
[#teenwolf #omgpage]
bringing back this song heyo
mY oNLy LaNe!!1!!1!
this is obviously not meant to hate any of the girls so chill tf out mkay

— what we got vs. what we deserve
ac&cc me
dt gio obviously
[#teenwolf #omgpage]

just cleaning up, no theme

just cleaning up, no theme

— I love one mother
my audio give mf credit
cc me
[#omgpage #teenwolf]

— "im the hot girl"
OLD ae edit
#teenwolf #omgpage
im finally done with my exams omfg but I still have a lot of homework )':

the duo we never thought we needed
my ugly loop (wear headphones!!)
ib halcyonized cc l214l
[#strangerthings #omgpage]
I love them SM I'll die for them

— the real star of the show
watch me get -13k followers because i posted a non teen wolf edit
#strangerthings #omgpage

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