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Look who’s here! The beautiful @kimberlychia will be playing a role in the upcoming drama series #saycheese8 《西瓜甜不甜》! Do catch her when it debuts in August!

@cynthiakoh27 is looking gorgeous! Do remember to catch her in #saycheese8 《西瓜甜不甜》!

Do stay tuned to “You Can Be An Angel 3” 《你也可以是天使3》. The best is yet to come... @zoetay10 @thedesmondtan @carriewst @iampierrepng

Curious about @zenchong ‘s role in #saycheese8 《西瓜甜不甜》?Let him share it with you!

@iampierrepng , @zoetay10 , @thedesmondtan and @carriewst - Casts of “You Can Be An Angel 3”,《你也可以是天使3》undergoing general nursing skills training. Do stay tuned for the brand new drama in its third instalment.

We are done with the first round of auditions for #SPOPSing! If you missed today’s auditions, fret not as we have more coming up! 😄 See you at our next few locations!
谢谢今天来参加 《SPOP 听我唱!》第一场校园海选的同学们!如果你错过了今天的选拔赛,不要担心,有更多的机会等着你!🎤

Can you name all the artistes present at today’s #saycheese8 shoot? Don’t forget to catch 《西瓜甜不甜》Say Cheese in August when it debuts!

Zhi Hui finds out Shi Yun did not undergo the embryo implantation in Singapore. He approaches Dr Goh to question but Dr Goh does not expose Shi Yun’s secret. After realizing Zhi Hui is suspicious, Shi Yun becomes anxious…

Watch #babiesonboard8 tonight at 9 PM to find out more!

We are ready for U! Come on down for #SPOPSing auditions happening now!@nathanhartono @leeteng0530

今晚7:30的《不平凡的平凡》Reach For The Skies Ep 36: 四妹和钟灵为了自新的事情吵了起来,钟灵叫四妹以后不要管她的事,四妹气呼呼离去,到“天天来”向大彩抱怨自从钟灵认识自新后,整个人都变了。守义建议四妹不要依靠子女,以后要靠自己。#ReachForTheSkies8


#SPOPSing egg capsules designed by @antz_rscls and @syco03 are all ready for the auditions today at @ite_college_central! See you from 11am - 4pm later!

The Community Chest Charity TV Show 2018 has successfully raised over $9 million dollars for its beneficiaries. Donation lines will remain open till 27 May 2018. Tune in this Sunday at 3:30pm to catch the encore telecast on Channel 8! #comchest35th

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