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Life’s pretty good currently! I graduated from college, deadpool 2 is out, oh and I just bought a Jeep. So I’m on high alert now, whenever mad good stuff happens to me I always get hit with some bullshit after. Trying to stay cool presently but clenching my butt checks and preparing for some fuck shit in the near future. But for now me and my baby wrangler are taking it day by day :) #jeepwrangler #wrangled #graduated #summerfuckin

Happy Mother’s Day to Gd Linda and also I fucking graduated! Some people say it’s just a piece of paper, and those people would be right. But for me it was much more than a degree. It was all about the memories I made, dumb and awesome alike. It was about the people I’ve met and the impact they had on my life. It was all about the experience and trust me I’m pretty experienced now ;) oh sorry for my face I’m literally always in the sun.

Hanging out with @griffin_lawson attorney at law son. Then walked back downtown to then walk all the way back up to lark to link with the super stud @leighaakhall. Huge shout out to @hannahbenyishay for being the greatest and getting me a quesadilla. I wish we got a st. P picture together. Next year! #saintpatricksday

Throw back to the wedding with this guy. Man let me tell you that wedding experience was one of the greatest. It was such an honor. I got to force people to listen to me talk for 4 minutes. I drank with some of my best friends. I got to look snazzy as fook and I didn’t break anything. Great time with great people. Wish we could do it all again! #tbt

This is our family friendly petting zoo. We have tigers, bears, lemurs, pigs, and a mother hen. It’s all smiles till someone starts a fight! #familyfirst

The V in Valentine’s Day actually stands for Venus the goddess of victory, fertility, and yes prostitution 🙃 also happily not alone 👐🏼

The start of a new semester and I’m ready to start letting people know to shut their holes🍩🤷‍♂️

Happy new year? Happy New Years? Who knows...New year same me coming at ya even harder than before! The beard didn’t make it to 2018 tho, I feel so cute with out it🤗

Christmas with the kids!

We got hittas in the crew! Rip the the realest grandma to herd children and llamas. As you can see I dressed myself from a young age, honestly I pulled that look off don’t front

Throw back to last halloween with the now free @og.blckbrn. Glad the homies free!

Really high just thinking about who the fuck put the alphabet in alphabetical order

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