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When you 'need' a place to crash at 5am and you're allowed to arrive only after 6am. #wakeandsnap #snapportunity #latergram #auntlife @patrickmgarrity @collinshyphengarrity

“A tree is identified by its fruit. If a tree is good, its fruit will be good. If a tree is bad, its fruit will be bad." Matthew 12:33 NLT

I thought yesterday was going to be much harder. It turns out my Dad associated with the most devoted joyful people. We were oh so warmly wrapped in their support.
Dennis inspired so many adventures and maintained so many friendships. There were more smiles than tears overall because everyone has had more fun with Dad than they probably should have.
Thank you to everyone who sent love and prayers and some gorgeous flowers! Now I'm crying in a random Dunkin Donuts, but just like Dad's signature move, it's mixed with happy tears.

What a week for trips down memory lane. This is the apartment building my little sisters and Mom and I moved into in tenth grade.

@stacyohstacy reports eating a nice salami salad there once. 😂 I got in serious trouble for piercing at least one boys ear(s) in that apartment. 👂It's walking distance to Dairy Queen which facilitated so much mischief with @emlllyy et al. 🍦

I brought @gthmb to the pond there for prom pictures and my mom made embarrassing comments.
15 years ago this month, this lawn was the site of my high school graduation party. 🎈

I'm a mushy pile of too much free time and the inability to focus and this is how @kollinskugelschreiber & I like to party on a Tuesday.

We've had some really hard goodbyes over the years. Nothing compares.
Love you, Dad.

The exact opposite of all feels right now but I could probably watch it all day. #opposites

#Repost @nytimes (@get_repost)
#SpeakingInDance | “Odessa,” a new work choreographed for @nycballet by #AlexeiRatmansky, will premiere on May 4. In this portion of the #ballet, shown here in an exclusive preview, the atmosphere has to be moody. “It’s not about trying to hit the steps, but to have this misty feeling,” the dancer @saramearns said of her melancholy solo. Usually she dances like she’s running out of a burning building: wild and passionate, with dazzling abandon. “I was trying to figure out what this solo is and Alexei said, 'Just do it as if you’re just waking up in the morning and by the time you get to the front you’re awake.’ ” But the piece is still full of special touches, like a body roll that curls her backward and forward until she’s stretched over a straight leg. It doesn’t matter what Alexei asks of her; she trusts him, she said. “He wants me to look my best and he knows I can do it," she told the @nytimes writer @giadk. “He’s asking such insane things from me. I want to be that wild, crazy person out there for him.” @ezrahurwitz made this video for our weekly series exploring the world of #dance.

We see so many patients at @childrenshospitalwi just like these girls. They're always an inspiration.

It's an honor to learn more about
their recent history and to support the work of @malalafund in helping them reach their potential.
#Repost @malalafund (@get_repost)
Four years ago, Karen refugees Pree Pree, Mimi, Hsa Kpru and Ler had never left the confines of their refugee camp on the border of Burma and Thailand. The girls all attended school in the camps, but now that they are resettled in "America's refugee capital" Lancaster, PA, their future is filled with greater opportunity. Read their story at blog.malala.org

My dad prefers things to be efficient and independent with minimum rules.
Today my sisters and I met with Hospice to help him get the care he would want: comfortable, dignified and logical.
This sucks. You're too quick, dad.

Our family has an impressive track record of birthdays overlapping tragedies.
I'll consider today a special type of exception, since Dad had a good day and our colorful nephew Andrew turns 4!

Thanks for making him, @collinshyphengarrity & @patrickmgarrity. Enjoy this collage which implies he's actually ours. Mwahaha.

HAPPY BIRTHDAY, ANDREW! We were there the day you were born and we won't stop cheering you on. Love you!

Never ever bet against Dennis Collins.

After this weekend, I am convinced that he is intimidated by literally nothing.
I'm so proud of you, Dad. You're a badass. Keep fighting.

It's been a very intense week. Traveled from Wisconsin's capital to our nation's capital.
Today I'm so grateful to Gold Star families like @rcg15's & veterans like @m_and_bs_bigadventure who have risked it all.
I'm reminded how fragile life is with my dad marking two weeks of hospitalization in critical care and an uncle suffering a stroke. A number of friends have suffered heartbreaking family losses this week and the list goes on.
No matter what, we are all so lucky to be here! Alive and American. Adored by God and expected to serve. Thanks to @collinshyphengarrity & @sarah_stambaugh for your generous care of Dad! 🇺🇸

We're like really really patriotic. .
#americathebeautiful 🇺🇸 #americathehumble #lincolnsladies #aapd2017

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