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Christopher Gartrell  Gym Owner Athlete Moo’s Human BA Kinesiology-CSCS-USAW II Remote/Onsite programs Tucson’s fittest gym is waiting for you! @two_forty_four @xendurance

How I love this place. ————————————————————
Repost from @two_forty_four - 9.1.18 [3/52]


Track work
20x400m run
Rest 1:1


Class work
6 rds

3 sand bag cleans
5 sand bag squat
1 min assault bike (hard)
Rest 3 min •


For time

Burpee pull ups
20 yard sled push •

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I had to pleasure to coach @do_dash this evening for the first time since her brain surgery this past summer. We at @two_forty_four, along with myself, are grateful to have her. Forever forward. ———————————————————————
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Final session on the arm with @henrytattooer. Super stoked with the finished product! My homage to AZ ☀️🌵❤️ ————————————————————————
If you’re looking for work definitely get in contact with my guy! Very professional, artistic vision is next level, and he’s got the lightest hand in the business! Appreciate the hard work, Henry!
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Shout out to @bicycleranchtucson for getting me fitted for the bike I’ll be riding in the @tourdetucson this year! Super excited to be riding for the @tucsonbigs team! Thank you @cchavez_8 for the opportunity! Keep an eye out for some of my training leading up to the race day. Knocking out the 💯 miler this year.
All @tucsonbigs riders will be raising funds leading up the race day. All proceeds from our fund raising pages go directly to the org and kiddos! You can donate to my page or the organization here 👇🏼👇🏼👇🏼 the link is also in my bio. ————————————————————————
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Happy Birthday, @two_forty_four!!! 🍻to many more!


Dear, @two_forty_four community,

Today marks quite the milestone for us. Today we turn 5! It’s hard imagine its been that long. It feels like only yesterday @sasilverman and @cgartrell we’re signing the first lease. As I think back, so much has happened between then and now. I’ve witnessed the community go through some very hard times. Times when I wasn’t sure what would happen next. Whether or not you’d all make it. But just like you always seem to do, the challenge was accepted and you all prevailed. •

I can’t thank you enough for the amazing moments you’ve shared with me. So many successes. So much growth. So much vulnerability. The power between my walls astounds me at times. I often hear people whisper on their first visit. When they’re gone for a period and then return . “This place is special.” Believe me when I say it’s true. I’ve seen so many different people and groups come through these walls during my lifetime. Builders, boxers, lawyers, and hundreds of mattresses to name a few. But none quite as special as you. If it were all to end tomorrow, I’d be proud to say that I was the last to house you. But as you all know, that isn’t the case. I feel greatful that you’ve chosen me to protect what you’ve created. I’m thankful for the 5 years you’ve given me. And look forward to the years to come. •

Thank you to everyone who’s ever walked through my doors. Whether it was for just a visit, or you decided to make it your home. You’ve all had a hand in what I’ve become today. And without you, I would not be here. Thank you to everyone who will come. Know that you’re choosing something very special. Something that doesn’t come around very often. Cherish it, as the ones who are here do. Lastly I like to thank the humans who live here the most. The ones that the rest call coaches. The work you do is inspiring. Your actions and words empowering. Most of you have yet to realize the power and potential for creation you posses. The community here love you. I hope you feel that. To the ones to come, you have big shoes to fill.

With love,

The building at 244 S Tucson Blvd

This first video was taken almost 4 months ago to the day. Nearly 6 months after my initial injury. I was still in a great deal of pain daily, and very much terrified to pick up any weight. I’m pretty sure I started crying at some point during that session. Not because of the pain, but from the fear of making it worse, another set back. I believe I managed 3 or 4 reps at 225 that day. Fast forward 4 months, and a lot of work, to the video from today. Nearly pain free, and moving a substantial amount more for quite a few reps. As an athlete an injury can be a wonderful teacher. They’re opportunities that allow us to step back take a look at what we could and should be doing better. In every arena of our life. It is unfortunate though that something catastrophic usually needs to happen for the broadening of our scoop. But I believe it’s just something that comes with being human. Foresight not being one of our strengths. I am thankful though not for the injury itself, but the opportunity for reflection. Onward.
Huge thank you to everyone that has supported me up to this point. And who continue to support me in all of my efforts. Both in the realm of sport and out. ——————————————
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@nickcoventry punching the clock.
Taking breaks from this place has always been a challenge for me. Whenever I do though, coming back has always been invigorating. The work still happens. The culture unchanged. A group of people with a goal to be more.
As always. Thank you @two_forty_four.
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They’ll let any riff raff on the beach these days. Humbled and thankful for 32 successful trips around the ☀️ Excited for the ones to comes. Thank you @jackieluciano aka La Jacque Diqué for an amazing weekend. I don’t care what your family says about you, I don’t mind being seen in public with you! And double thank you to @thelesliedaggy, @tdimmick, @neo28603 and the rest of the @two_forty_four team for holding down the fort while I was gone. My life would not be what it is today without all of your efforts day in and day out. Cheers to you all! ————————————————————————
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Start fast, finish fast. Who else is ready to sprint into the week? ———————————————————————
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🎵: @visoneers

@codyrobinson1588 and I have really been working on being more positive when it comes to his training. It’s not going well 🤷🏻‍♂️...
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