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Chris Fischer  If my work needs words to express it's emotion, I have failed. Wildlife Photographer and Filmmaker Based in Oregon

Failure only exists in the mind of those willing to give in. She failed on this hunt 6 times, 6 misses in 7 attempts. Success isn't measured in anything more than willingness to grind it out.

He paused for a moment, the first time that morning. He took in the scents of the tree to see who may have been patrolling the area as well.

Throwback to Tanzania last year. How I miss that place

Only elephants need ivory

It's time

There was a low mist that morning, hanging over the cool waters of the delta. And as the sun rose, the plains were lit on fire

This photo is titled "on this earth" only a few short hours after this photo was taken, we found this little cub dead at the hands of a marauding male lion.

A lilac breasted roller with a small meal

When he heard a return roar, he stopped, and began to prepare himself for what came next

It was hot in the car, really really hot. I remember my eyes were stinging from sweat, but I didn't move a muscle. He was close, and it was intense. To this day, that was the biggest elephant I have ever seen

Like humans, elephants develop a "left or right" handedness with respect to their tusks, and tend to use that side much more promenantly. Any guess on this old boy?

He caught the sent of his sons killer and for a moment, he simply paused and waited. Then, without a sound, he dropped his head and charged off into the Bush. We didn't see him again.

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