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Christ Fellowship  Impacting our world with the love and message of Jesus Christ ...everyone, everyday, everywhere. Senior Pastors @jtoddmullins @jul_mullins

We want to see your pics from #AtTheMovies! Tag us @cfimpact 📲

It's been the best weekend #AtTheMovies worshipping Jesus, the Great Unifier 🙌🏽

"When society would shun and reject those sick with leprosy Jesus would touch them and heal them. When others would treat women as inferior, Jesus fought for them.
He included them in his community of disciples, he made them participants in the work of His kingdom.
When culture built barriers between ethnic groups, and genders, political groups, Jesus broke down those barriers and made them one family through faith in Christ. Jesus is the great unifier, bringing together that which has been torn apart. In fact, it’s why he came to earth; to bring us back to God." - Pastor Todd

Did someone say... popcorn? That's right, get your snack on during #AtTheMovies 🍿

Good morning! We can't wait to see you, #AtTheMovies 🎬
Who are you bringing?

This is where you want to be... get ready for a GREAT Sunday #AtTheMovies 🎩

Can you guess what movie Pastor Todd found biblical truths from this weekend? Get to church to find out! #AtTheMovies

Swipe < to check out this reminder from last weekend's #AtTheMovies message! Get ready for another great weekend. Pastor Todd has a GREAT message you won't want to miss... Can you guess which movie we'll be learning from? 🎩

Swipe 👈 to see why someone you know needs to be #AtTheMovies this weekend! Who are you bringing? 🍿

Do you understand what you have?
Pastor Shaun's Black Panther message #AtTheMovies was powerful!
What were your takeaways? 🍿

Did you take some fun photos this weekend #AtTheMovies? Post and tag us in them! 🍿📲

There’s something fun for all the littles in your life.
Tag a family that needs to bring their tinies to #AtTheMovies next weekend and remember to live in the POWER of the Holy Spirit this week! 🕊

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