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CrossFit Uroboro 

Congratulations @francescaurro , step by step and the life you smiles baby💓💪.
Thx @robertocatalini for the support!!
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The winner is..? @cf_uroboro on beach tour.
Team wod 30 today💪.
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Increase your fitness @andrea_romanazzi__💪🖤 #crossfituroboro #casalinotaveri

Workout of day:


Warm up:

200 mt run

9' emom

1' 50JJ
2' 8 wall ball 9/6
3' 6 bear crawl push up
Demo /skill:
Snatches (any style) *wod conditioning*

on 5' X 4 set

400 mt run or 20/18 cal r/b/s
25 wall ball 9/6
20 push up
5 snatches 60/40

Judge and athlete on set💪🔥!!
Ph: Tasco
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Couplet goal💪🍒!
Thelma & Louise in @crossfituroboro.
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Saturday rain🌧🌧??
Hero Feeks approved💪!
@crossfitbside thx for think😉


2 cluster db 65/45 lb
200 mt sprint run
4 cluster
400 mt sprint run
6 cluster
600 mt sprint run ... ...
... ...
16 cluster🛠
1.6 k run 🔥

Tc: 1h15'

Thx guys🖤

#crossfituroboro #casalinotaveri

Focus exercise🔎
📍Db BENT OVER ROW (from floor)

When performed correctly, the bent over dumbbell row is one of the most versatile compound exercises for your back. The row helps in developing thickness through the upper and middle back that’s difficult to with through deadlifting and other rowing movements. The movement also CORE stabilization exercise.
Total CORE🔥!! Notes: 📍1.When grabbing the dumbbell, try to imagine your arm as a hook and pull with your back (lifting your elbow up), instead of squeezing the dumbbell and let most of the work to be done by the biceps and forearm. 📍2. Keep your torso almost horizontal. 📍3. Do not rotate the torso and use inertia in order to lift heavier weights. Instead try to keep your torso still and work with the back and rear deltoids.


To combine with other exercises ex: Buree, Push up, Squat and creating a synergistic movement for the body, very efficent result .

Effective movement for the interaction of the body with the environment and resistance ext💪🛠. Increase your stabilty (CORE) end improve your Total fitness🔥!! #CROSSFITUROBORO #crossfitbrindisi #casalinotaveri

Good weekend guyz❤💪.
Hang, pick up, press, push, jump, run, enjoy your life!
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Coach Andre for FOR MEN cover.
Ready for SUMMER guyzz🔥??
Thx @formen!
Special interview for Crossfit!!
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The Founder, the Boss and big Coach💪
Crossfit UROBORO in Brindisi🖤!
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