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Ceryn Schoel  The only people for me are the mad ones

I hope to arrive to my death
in love
and a little drunk

Here I am, here I am, here I am...
So glad you are, so glad you are, so glad you are

Thanks for letting me crash your party and sleep on your couch, side-note you have pretty friends who are well versed in the lifecycle of a star... my kinda people

It was an experiment, an experiment with wine and cheese (and it was all yellow)

There must be something worse than an 8am bureaucracy class in twilight hall...right?

I love you so much it's crazy- last night felt like coming home and I am so grateful to have these brilliant, kind, funny gorgeous women to come home to. Happy Birthday Cece, I love you more with every moment that I spend with you and I'm so excited to indoctrinate unwitting victims into the church of C (also this is black and white because I thought it seemed more pretentious and French)

❤️Bye New Mexico, bye mama 💛

I love you with every part of my being and I can't believe there'll be snow the next time I kiss your little baby hands- don't grow up too much without me

We make funny faces cuz we're fun

RBG is the fucking best and I can't wait to be notorious. I like the lights and the purple (polluted) sunsets. I'm having trouble navigating what's expected of me and my craving for intimacy gets me into gendered trouble. I'm not sure what I can blame on society and what I can't or shouldn't vocalize. How superior can you be when you drink Dunkin' Donuts coffee... how victimized can you be when you get donuts in the morning sometimes and go to college on the east coast. Not very. But I don't want to shut up, if someone can figure out that line I'd be grateful for your input. Anyway fucked up is kind of fun and I want to be important. Powerful and hurt and loud and pretty and probably a mess but a smart mess but mostly important... like RBG

Smeyez...smize? Either way she's fierce

Thanks for peeking at my subconscious every once in a while - eat lots of jamón and keep sending memes

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