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Cerny Fit  Health and Fitness Secrets 🍑 #CernyFit #AmandaCerny @amandacerny

Say no to Orange juice and yes to Oranges! 🍊🙌🏼Drinking fruit juice eliminates all of the fiber from the fruit so you’re basically just drinking sugar🤐! I always say : Drink your greens and eat your fruit ! 👩🏻‍⚕️💡Be careful when you are ordering those green juices too as most of them have lots of apples or other fruits added to the mix . I order mine without any added fruit besides lemon juice occasionally🍋😈. It’s okay to add a little if necessary for you to be able to not torture yourself while consuming It. 🙏🏼You’ll notice the more you minimize your sugar intake, the less you crave it and the sweeter things begin to taste without it. 🌱🤤👌🏼#cernyFIT #TeamCerny #portraitModeAteMyGlasses

DANCE! A great way to learn a new skill and get an amazing workout. Have you ever looked at a dancer’s body?!? They usually look phenomenal and are in amazing shape ! Plus, if you’re single, it’s a great way to get the ladies... or the boys ;) #TeamCerny

You want to be strong? Be strong ! There’s a gym down the street and home workouts on my YouTube channel. It’s up to you to make your dreams come true.#TeamCerny

Drink lots of water every day !!!!! The more , the healthier ! PS... IM THE NEW CAMPAIGN MODEL FOR @Guess 2018 Spring line. Yay! #TeamCerny #cernyfitxguess

Full workout video!!!! Link in bio and subscribe to my YouTube 🔥🌹


Eating vegan while traveling overseas. Johannes’ Mom made us some homemade guacamole with fresh veggies for dipping, or if you aren’t worrying about carbs, use the local loaves of fresh grain bread like johannes did to make your own sandwich! Make sandwiches using the mixed fresh veggies, guacamole and falafel... I like to add some jalapeño as well 🔥 For a more traditional breakfast option, we had quinoa porridge for that extra healthy kick of protein with cinnamon, sliced apples and grapes. Water and some green tea for me to wash it all down. Yummy !!! #Vienna #Austria

-15 back squats -15 single leg press (each side)
-15 hip raises ( 45 second break in between each round)
-40 jumping jacks
-30 sit-ups -20 front raises*
-10 over head extensions ( No rest in between sets and 45 second test in between each round )
15 MINUTE COOL DOWN - treadmill
10 MINUTE STRETCH💕 ((( THIS IS A TOUGH WORKOUT! You can increase weight or reps to increase difficulty level or decrease weight, reps or rounds to adjust the workout to your fitness level) xo #TeamCerny

We go to the gym to become healthier versions of ourselves and to respect, appreciate and love our bodies. Without self love , confidence is nearly impossible. Confidence is beautiful. You are beautiful. Happy #internationalwomensday #TeamCerny

When your cravings aren’t due to hunger, try chewing a piece of bubblegum instead of binging on unhealthy snacks. It takes your mind off whatever sweet treat you were looking for and provides you with an instant distraction.🍬Try organic and sugar free! #CernyHacks


Back to eating clean and training dirty ! You want it ? Gotta earn it! #teamcerny

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