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I want to say I'm sorry about this post, I really do. But I'm not sorry. At last I'm moving house and this has been the reality I have been living with for 4 of the 7 months that I have lived in Korea. (They disappeared during the winter months.) During the tenure of my accommodation I have also had a number of problems which I have not talked about, including
• leaky walls and windows
• flooding from washing machine
• lack of electricity
• poorly functioning central heating
• totally broken central heating
• centipedes
• brown tap water
• mould

Teachers coming here to improve your lives or your teaching practise, please be wary of private landlords. Make sure your school sends someone to actually check the apartment. Make sure they send you photos of details like insides of cupboards. Find out what happens if there are problems with your housing and make sure your school would take action so that you don't have to live uncomfortably.

Be wary of Itaewon especially, which is very foreigner-friendly but has some very dirty and unpleasant corners. Make sure you find out about the spot in Itaewon where your potential housing is located.

I have survived these 7 months because of the great friends I have made here who have helped me out and given me a place to stay when my house was not livable. I have had to throw away a lot of my possessions. I have been poisoned by pesticides in my apartment. But I'm still here and I'm still staying and I'm going to get out of Itaewon at the end of the school year come hell or high water!
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This idiot makes me #happy every day. I'm so thankful for you, @tieskim. Just a little longer.
🇬🇧 🛫 🇰🇷 ❤

Everyone loves a good touch in the shower! Thanks emart!
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#tb to my postgrad. I used to really dig John Searle.
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The only two #fragrances that I need until I move house. Everything else is packed. (If you're curious, Gucci Bamboo and Armani Code are some of my other all time favourites.) #chanel #chanelchance #cocomademoiselle #perfume

This place is so well merchandised and incredibly visually appealing to me
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Found this joker hanging about at the bottom of my street. Who is responsible for this? Who got stoned and watched Lord of the Rings before the big Nintendo board meeting? Why is he flipping me off with his twig fingers?
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Absolutely dreadful air today! (No, it's not sunset. That was 4:40pm - broad daylight!)
오늘 공기가 끔찍해.

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The walk back from my new (near future) apartment to my current one. Turns out it's even higher up 😂 #itaewonproblems .
I'm gonna make #itaewonproblems a thing.
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Romantic gift from @tieskim. You don't know how necessary this is.
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Lovely #flowers
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