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Catherine Richards 

Wandering narrow streets and sitting above rooftops drinking pomegranate juice with medieval castle and Neretva Valley views | #Pocitelj, #BosniaandHerzegovina

I really like figs in general, but these were so fresh and tasty that my mind was literally blown and no attention was paid to anything else. I probably also would have let the lady who owned the tree adopt me, but I guess she didn't think that was such a great option for her 😂 | #Pocitelj, #BosniaandHerzogovina

Strolling along the Buna River, under the cliffs of Blagaj, towards a lovely 16th century Islamic monastery | #Blagaj, #BosniaandHerzegovina

Sleep, meat, drink, wander | #Mostar, #BosniaandHerzegovina

That 16th century Ottoman bridge people like to jump off (sorry, @somanyhashtags, I let the team down because I was too inebriated the whole time) | #StariMost, #BosniaandHerzegovina

Ignoring TLC, chasing waterfalls | #Kravice, #BosniaandHerzegovina

"The brain-blowing beauty will leave you struggling for superlatives", Amen 🙏 | #BayofKotor, #Montenegro 🇲🇪

Cocktails & private beaches on Adriatic hazy days | #SvetiStefan, #Montenegro 🇲🇪

Cruising around Budva (trying to avoid foam parties 😂) | #Budva, #Montenegro 🇲🇪

Taking all the time in the world to watch storms roll in and out over these incredible landscapes, with stops to explore Tršić Ethno Park, the birth place of Vuk Karadzic, and all the beauty of the mountains and Drina River. | #Serbia 🇷🇸

“Of course I’ll sit down and drink all of your delicious wines”. Stoked to end another adventure session in Serbia - Fruška Gora NP, monasteries, cathedrals, WW2 history, Novi Sad, Petrovardin fortress, Sremski Karlovci, the Danube - at Wine Cellar Kosović for one of the best wine, cheese and charcuterie tastings ever, including what was essentially Christmas in a bottle of which the recipe is kept secret by 3 families (and devastatingly could not be exported). | #Pannonia, #Serbia 🇷🇸

Getting lost in the Bohemian Quarter, drinking homemade honey rakia, while exploring all the nooks and crannies of the city. Serbia certainly surprised as one of our favourite stops in Europe - beautiful people and places, incredible history, all of the culinary delights. | #Belgrade, #Serbia 🇷🇸

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