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Meery Christmas from da CSIHI crew. Keepin it real out in kailua 1000 sq ft in and a 1000 to go. But first out to Makakilo tomorrow for another 1000 sq ft to do B4 any presents get opened. Santa CSIHI has been good this year

CSIHI finishing out the year in Kailua. Demo install 2000 sq ft

Done Mililani Tomorrow back to kailua got 2000 sq out there to finish out the year

Keepin in real with the clipping

Three days crew of three 1000 sq ft 500 to go Gobble Gobble. Happy Thanksgiving from CSIHI

From Waipahu last week to Kailua. 8x38 porcelain tile 1800 sq ft. Gobble gobble CSIHI

Waipahu 850 sq Looooking good



CSIHI it used to look like the. Now its 12x24porcelain tiles