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Ceramic Stile Inc.  Residential and Commercial Flooring and Tile Services. Servicing Hawaii and Las Vegas. Like us on Facebook: facebook.com/CeramicStileInc

CSIHI it used to look like the. Now its 12x24porcelain tiles




DA NEW CREW CSIHI first project It was hot out there But we gotter done

Aloha Like all great things they do end. 1/2 da papa crew Frank is moving on to pursue his own stuff. With that Papa Jim says he is da bes and what he does And in regards to the future will only benefit him and all others. Da papa crew was untouchable as far as quality and quantity Dis is da new crew if you add up their ages the remaining papa Jim has them by 2 years. Talk about incentive To all the past CSIHI crew. Ft1/Ft3/Keps /Charles Da new ones God bless you all Csihi is where it is today because of you guys. Honorable mention to Garrett still here running Las Vegas and Jaime

Csihi Papa crew out in da sun Salt Lake

CSIHI. @ Makiki

CSIHI papa crew w/Josh wrappin up 900 sq. 24x24 With this job to date papa crew out doing previous years over 25,000 sq ft installed.

CSIHI papa crew out in Maunawili slammin in 900 sq ft 24 x24. Awwwwwrrrrittte

Da papa crew Another one Kaimuki

Day 2 Kaimuki. CSIHI

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