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Ceramic Stile Inc.  Residential and Commercial Flooring and Tile Services. Servicing Hawaii and Las Vegas. Like us on Facebook: facebook.com/CeramicStileInc

Just havin some fun with the younger of the CSIHI papa crew out in Hi Kai. Jimmie knows jimmie sees

Out in Punaluu north shore transforming 1500 sq ft of ugliness to shear beauty with 12x24 porcelain tile

Depends on what angle you looking at. Lotta cuts plenty expertise CSIHI Papa crew allpau. Punaluu tomorrow 1500 sq ft. and a couple of showers. After that Hi Kai another 1200 Keepin it real

Happy Anniversary Kim /Hausaan. 1 in many many more to come

Choke angle cuts for the Papa crew. CSIHI

Csihi Papa crew pau early today having lunch Wild -Wings Ewa

Small kine 4 da weekend.

Just go to our site. Www.ceramicstileinc.com For more info

Matteo getting a little sun time. Alls well

Hea here Matteo. Las Vegas. 8lb. 20”. Shannon’s there. Im going up tomorrow. Cant wait to meet him. Momma Jaime doing fine

Herehe is Baby Matteo Las Vegas 8lbs 20”. Shannons there. Going up tomorrow Cant wait to see him

Been a while since I done one of these. Still gettum cuz

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