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Ceramics Monthly  Nonprofit magazine dedicated to studio ceramics and ceramic artists.


Zak Helenske (@zakhelenske) investigates form and pattern to create utilitarian vessels, in the hope to convey ideas of space, proximity, occupation, and structure. Helenske is a Ceramics Monthly Emerging Artist. This image is of Helenske's three jars.http://tinyurl.com/CM-may2017

Naomi Clement (@naomikclement) is one of the 2017 Ceramics Monthly Emerging Artists. Clement's work explores, "how things fit together and how they do not". this piece is a serving boat and the images show a top view and a side view. For more, click here: http://tinyurl.com/CM-may2017

Max Seinfeld (@maxseinfeld) Ceramics Monthly Emerging Artist, created objects that highlight the subtle movement of solid materials and examine the interplay of relationships between soft and hard. This piece is titled, Puffy Girl. For more, click here:http://tinyurl.com/CM-may2017

The surfaces of Chris Chaney's (@chrischaneyceramics) vessels explore the ways that weathering and other environmental factors could work over time to reclaim discarded remains from armed conflict. This is an image of Chaney's Dazzle bottle set. Click here:http://tinyurl.com/CM-may2017

It's another #mugshotmonday. Lauren Karle (@lauren.karle), Ceramics Monthly Emerging Artist, uses functional ceramics to connect people from different cultures and within communities. This is an image of cups from Cultivating Community through Shared Experiences. For more, click here: http://tinyurl.com/CM-may2017

Back in 1981, Don Reitz sent in this clay tablet as a response to a letter from Bob Hasselle about an exhibition of his work. Spencer Davis, CM's founder and publisher for 4 decades gave it to us today. We all passed it around, marveled at its weight and energy and put our own fingers over the impressed fingerprints he left in the surface. His message is one we should all take to heart. "Your work is tangible evidence of your psychological presence." #feelinghonored #donreitz #masterinthefield #whoneedstheinternet #oldschooltablet

If you happen to be taking a trip or are interested in potentially going in a coming year, the FuLe First Soda Firing Festival is taking place in September, in China. #sodafiring #ceramics #pottery
Organizer:Fuping Pottery Art Village (FPAV) International Ceramic
Magazine Editors Association (ICMEA)

Cooperator:Xixian International Culture and Education Park, Shangyu
Celadon Ceramic Center

Stuart Gair's (@stuartgair) piece can be appreciated for its utilitarian qualities, while also for its pleasing aesthetics. Gair is a Ceramics Monthly Emerging Artist from Hudson, Ohio. For more information, click here:http://tinyurl.com/CM-may2017

The first thing that is noticed about Lindsay Scypta's (@lindsayscypta) work is the pattern decoration conjuring notions of Victorian fabrics. Scypta is a Ceramics Monthly Emerging Artist. For more information, click here:http://tinyurl.com/CM-may2017

En Iwamura (@eniwamura), Ceramics Monthly Emerging Artist, investigates how viewers' experiences can be influences or altered by direct interaction with site-specific installations. For more information, click here: http://tinyurl.com/CM-may2017

Lisa Belsky's (@lbelsky) forms begin as either hand-knitted or crocheted fabric and are manipulated and shaped into refined forms, before they are dipped into porcelain slip. Belsky is a Ceramics Monthly Emerging Artist. Click here, for more:http://tinyurl.com/CM-may2017

The deadline for the #pouriton community-wide contest is right around the corner. Make sure your entries are in the office by June 27th! #ceramic #pottery

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