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Ceramics Monthly  Nonprofit magazine dedicated to studio ceramics and ceramic artists.


Just look at all these upcoming articles in the works. The September 2017 issue is right around the corner and we are hard at work preparing it for all of you. We hope you enjoy! #ceramics #CeramicsMonthly #pottery #technique

This intriguing tray was created by Michael Hunt and Naomi Daglish (@bandanapottery), wax resist, iron glaze, local stoneware, 2017. #ncwoodfireconference #pottery #ceramics

This platter and serving bowl were created by Matt Jones. These pieces are made from wood fired stoneware. These are on view at STARworks. #ncwoodfireconference @starworksnc #ceramic #woodfire

This piece is 'David and Goliath' by Denny Gerwin (@dennygerwin). This was anagama fired for 48 hours with soda ash. #ncwoodfireconference #ceramics #pottery #ncstarworks #woodfired

These side fired axe and vases were created by Joseph Sand (@josephsandpottery). They are wood fired and salt glazed. Look at those beautiful and pleasing surfaces. #ncwoodfireconference #pottery #ceramic

Lars Voltz' (@larsvoltz) serving bowl, woodfired stoneware, reduction cooled, 2017. The smooth curve of this bowl, mixed with the rough texture of the exterior is very pleasing. #ncwoodfireconference #pottery #cetamics

This is Anne Mette Hjortshøj (@amettehjortshoj) throwing on the wheel during her group demonstration at the #ncwoodfireconference. She is so precise and smooth with her movements. #pottery #ceramics

This piece by Cristina Cordova (@cristinacordovastudio) is amazing to see in person. This is made from Groggeewemee clay and is a part of the STARworks permanent collection. Christina Cordova was on the cover of the February 2016 issue. #cermaics #pottery #ncwoodfireconference

This was a demonstration by Randy Johnston (@randyjjohnston) at the North Carolina woodfire conference at STARworks (@starworksnc). This was a great demonstration to watch. What an opportunity. #ncwoodfireconference #ceramic #pottery

This installation titled, Studio1, was created by Daniel Johnston (@danieljohnstonpottery). Studio 1 spans 20 ft in diameter and 7 ft tall. "As you enter the circle, you may feel judged by these powerless objects that aren't able to speak or move l, and you end up in a space where you begin to think critically about yourself," said Johnston. This piece can be seen at STARworks (@starworksnc) and is truly an experience. #ncwoodfireconference #ceramics #pottery

This is Eric Knoche's (@ericknochestudio) Miscellaneous Symbols and Tools. It is made from wood-fired stoneware and slips. This can be found in the Confluence exhibition at STARworks. (@starworksnc) #ncwoodfireconference #ceramics #pottery

Jeff Shapiro demonstrating at the North Carolina woodfire conference at STARworks. (@starworksnc) #ncwoodfireconference #pottery #cermaics

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