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Ceramics Monthly  Nonprofit magazine dedicated to studio ceramics and ceramic artists.


The Philadelphia Potters are having their spring Urban Potters Tour this weekend. Make sure to take a look at @ryanjgreenheck 's article in the April 2017 issue of #CeramicsMonthly. #Repost @thephiladelphiapotters ・・・
Michael Connelly faceting a trimmed got of an earthenware bowl. This piece and others like it will be available during
The Philadelphia Potters Urban Studio Tour that will take place April 28-30. Including @theclaystudiophl and the following studio locations.
Bailey Street Art Corridor
1525 N. Bailey St, Philadelphia, PA 19121
Neighborhood Potters
2034 Fairmount Ave,
Philadelphia, PA 19130
Sandi Pierantozzi & Neil Patterson
Greenheck Ceramics, Studio/Showroom
2019 N 33rd St, Philadelphia, PA 19121
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We are hard at work on the June/July/August 2017 issue of #CeramicsMonthly. Can't believe it's almost press time. Time is flying by. #ceramics #pottery

In the article, Preserving a Fading Tradition, author Michael Stein explains how Potters in Twante village in Myanmar have been able to continue a centuries-old tradition of making pots. This can be found in the new May 2017 issue of #CeramicsMonthly. #ceramics #tradition #pottery

Who else finds this super fascinating? Has anyone tried this technique? #Repost @potsinaction
For Jean Francois Bourlard (celebrated French potter-sculptor www.jfbourlard.fr), the excitement, unpredictability, and raw delight in the fibrous shards of molten glaze in freezing motion is a passion like no other. This is raku as performance art at its pinnacle.
He writes of his original take on Raku, “ My research focuses on matter and its limits; they take shape through installations, performances, jars or sculptures. I work on forces and movements that occur when firing, electric or gas. I play with the superposition of fusible materials (earthenware or enamel) and refractory (sandstone or porcelain), as well as with the positioning of the piece in the furnace: in suspension, on the spit or other. The fusion causes cracks, detachments of material, sliding, openings. The fire reshapes materials and volumes. This experimental work is pushed to its paroxysm with the performances of "Raku Punk" where I play with the codes of the traditional pottery to better pay homage to the Raku tradition.”
Just a quick and friendly reminder: PLAY SAFE WITH RAKU!
Please note that these highlights have been edited down from the original - full video link here https://vimeo.com/192588688
#PIAguesthostGayaCeramic #PIAraku #jeanfrancoisbourlard

Robin Hopper, ceramic artist, writer, and educator passed away last week. He was an engaging writer, whose books have helped many artists advance their understanding of ceramics. His work has appeared in Ceramics Monthly for many years. He has left his mark on the field of ceramics, inspiring and becoming a mentor to many. He will be missed. #robinhopper #CeramicsMonthly

We were saddened to learn about another loss for the ceramics community, with the passing of one of the masters in our field, John Glick last Thursday. A prolific potter, dedicated mentor to many apprentices and students, his work and writing has been appearing in Ceramics Monthly since 1972, most recently working with former editor Bill Hunt on a retrospective article in the October 2015 issue. Through his generosity and inventiveness, sense of humor, and wonderful work made over the course of five decades, Glick certainly left his mark on ceramics. He will be missed. #johnglick #CeramicsMonthly

Hot off the presses! The May 2017 issue of #CeramicsMonthly is here! This is the #emergingartists issue and on the cover we have Emerging Artist Andrea Denniston's (@andreadenniston) pitcher. #ceramics #pottery #press

After getting back into the office after #NCECA, the staff got together and compiled a list of, in our opinion,the top 10 highlights. These are images from some of the exhibitons the staff considered to be engaging, fun, and creative. (There were many.)
1. Audry Deal-McEver's piece from Disjecta's exhibiton Evocative Garden.
2. Joe Page and Casey McDonough's Post Digital Landscapes at PNCA.
3. Portland Growler Co's Collaborative Growlers.
4. Doug Jack and Christine Golden's collaboration, Duet.
5. Shoji Hamada's piece from the private collection of Jere Grimm.
6. Sara Parent-Ramos' work. Her work is very small and delicate, and yet detailed.
7. Mikey Walsh's work at the Gallery Expo.
8. Wolf Ceramics at OCAC.
9. The Student Juried Show, this piece being by Kwan Jeong.
10. Jeffry Mitchell Resident Artist at OCAC.

This image was taken while at #NCECA. This is our #mugshotmonday. This mug was created by Renee LoPresti (@renee_lopresti). #latergram

This piece, "Past and Present" was created by Colleen Toledano. This was a part of the Evocative Garden exhibition by Disjecta. #latergram #nceca2017

This piece was created by Claudia Tarantino, whose work can be seen in the April 2017 Studio Visit. This was a part of the Evocative Garden exhibition by Disjecta. Who else is wishing they could go back to Portland? #latergram #nceca2017 #CeramicsMonthly

It's #mugshotmonday. In the background you will see the beginning of the article, "Idea Exchange: Korean Masters" by Heidi McKenzie. This can be found in the April 2017 issue of #CeramicsMonthly. I am so glad that I can add this Triceratops mug by Kip O'Krongly (@kipokrongly)to my collection. A big shout out to Editor Jessica Knapp (@jessicak233), for picking it up for me while at #NCECA. -Editorial Assistant Kaitlynne Phillips (@kaitephillips) #ceramics #pottery

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