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I’ve seen this inspirational clip posted by a few high profile people talking about how practice is so important or how it’s about the grind.... which is all true... but watch the clip right to the end... what I took out of it is the importance of having the RIGHT guidance to help you reach your goals. How many more fails would the little girl have had if she hadn’t been reminded of the correct technique? Don’t be too proud to take advice from people with genuine knowledge to help shorten the grind, then you can put your energy into fine tuning. Doing something the wrong way over and over will actually cause you to learn the wrong way, making success more difficult. #guidance #knowledge #learntherightway #doitrigh

From Shanghai to Melbourne for the Arnold Australia... exciting to see the new look @international_protein booth, new look packaging for the 1.25kg sizes.. yes, after 18 years we are changing from pails to jars and totally revamping the look of the label! Finally met new team member @patrick.physic and caught up with @anne_t_fitness one of IP’s original team members. Got the chance to spend time talking to a lot of “Arnold regulars”... let’s do it all again tomorrow! #international-protein #ipnation #protein #preworkout #arnoldaustralia #bodybuilding #fitness

These were the clips to go with my last post... full posing routine... #tbt #posing #muscle #jantana2001 #fbb #mostmuscular

2001 IFBB Jan Tana - my Pro Debut. Age 28. Thanks to @moarmuscle using @RepostRegramApp
#femalebodybuilding #oldschoolfbb l#bodybuilding #ifbb #jantana #prodebut

Day 2 at IWF Shanghai has been another interactive and crazy day done the Chinese way! The audience just loves getting involved.. be it “squat the bikini model” or learning how to pose with @brandenmray Its so exciting to see the interest in @international_protein protein growing here... oh... and our RTG ‘s won its category again at this years China Supplement Awards! #internationalprotein #ipnation #rtg #protein #iwfshanghai #posing

Fun and games today at IWF. Even Bossman Zengyi had to workout and show the crowd what they had to do to win a big bag of @international_protein Superior Whey. We discovered his true calling is on the microphone 🎤. Definitely a unique style to this expo (wish I could understand what Zengyi was saying as the crowd was enthralled). A lot of work has gone into making the looping videos around the booth, showing International Protein products and athletes off to their utmost #internationalprotein #ipnation #iwfshanghai #protein #fitness #preworkout #energy

Team @international_protein uniform check for Day 1 of IWF Fitness Expo Shanghai #internationalprotein #teamip #protein #preworkout #fitness #calves #fitnessexpo

Woah.. the sheer height of the International Protein / Zengyi Booth for IWF Shanghai is unbelievable. Would have to be 2-3 stories high. @lee_annetemnyk_ifbbpro those pics don’t do it justice! I love how they have used @brandenmray back workout from the Aussie Muscle Guru magazine. Very original booth design! Went down to check out the build progress and catch up with everyone before the craziness starts tomorrow. This year the expo looks about 3x the size of last year! Sports nutrition has really taken off in China! #internationalprotein #ipnation #international_protein #china #iwfshanghai #protein #preworkout

Big day at the office/factory today with overseas officials visiting, so had to try and look serious and professional. No sneakers allowed!
Now off to Melbourne for the annual family beach getaway then Monday off to Shanghai for the IWF Fitness expo with @xiaotao_ip @brandenmray then back to Melbourne for the @arnoldsportsau on Saturday & Sunday. Stop by the @international_protein booth to say Hi! Will be using plenty of Brutal Energy to keep me going! #internationalprotein #ipnation #melbourne #shanghai #arnoldaustralia #hardwork #success #takingontheworld

Since retiring from competitive bodybuilding in 2015 I tried to be happy with the extra bodyfat congregating around my mid-section. Late last year it occurred to me I couldn’t. I’m all for accepting your body and positive body image, but sometimes you need to be honest about what makes you happy. I’ve been weight training since I was 16 and being in shape and now, having multiple elements of fitness such as aerobic, anaerobic, strength, muscular endurance, power and a little agility (forget speed, that’s not happening) makes me happy... as soon as I accepted this it was like the penny dropped and I remembered how to drop bodyfat. A simple but regimented, balanced meal plan (hate that word diet), up the variety in my cardio routine and push the intensity. This was the biggest change I needed to make to improve cardio fitness. Same old same old wasn’t going to improve aerobic fitness so I decided to use more electronic equipment such as cross trainer, rower & steps where I can monitor and increase work parameters and incorporate HIT cycles. Finally religiously using my products Brutal Energy & Carni-Strip to lift my workouts and help mobilize fat, Amino Recovery & Glutamine to help recovery and prevent over-training.
Result; since Christmas (approx. 9 weeks) weight is down by 8kg, and while I’m no shape to stand on stage in a bikini, I feel hyper confident wearing tight gym tops and don’t have to worry where my waistband sits so as to not create a huge roll. My overall fitness is possibly the best it’s ever been and I’m excited about pushing it more. Still sitting at 70kg and pushing more weight in the gym than 12 months ago (really notice the impact of the Brutal Energy on strength). #internationalprotein #ipnation #preworkout #aminos #fitness #fitat45 #pushyourself

Saw this Worldstar post this morning and it pretty summed up my mood, attitude and total lack of reason behind this post other than I’M HAPPY AND FEEL GREAT!! #fitat45 #internationalprotein #ipnation #matureladyswag #confidence #freedom #hapiness

Hmmm... “squelch squelch”.... maybe when I got the txt about severe thunderstorms ⛈ I should have shut down my workout... but what would have been the fun in that! It’s too dark but my car was just in the corner by the fence in the second row of cars... water 💦 was only ankle deep and these poor zoom flyknits didn’t stand a chance! #stormseason #training #priorities #calves #getitdone #fitat45

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