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Centaurea 🌺  Like to catch the photographic opportunities. 📱iP4&5c/ 📷D90 ©Centaurea 🇫🇷🇬🇧 On ne photographie bien qu'avec le ❤... #⃣skyholics - 2nd @bleuet_

Regard voyou... regard de matou 🐱! La version intégrale du cadrage est sur @bleuet_ 👈🏻 Bonne soirée ! Καλό βράδυ ! Happy evening ! Buenas tardes !

Graphic Escape ! Happy day 😘 καλή σου μέρα 😘👌🏻 bonne journée 😘 Feliz dia 😘 #iphoneonly

Le pays des rêves [archives]...bonne nuit 💙✨καληνύχτα ✨Good night ✨ Buenas noches ✨

Fenêtre du Grand hall à Ellis Island... les migrants pouvaient apercevoir Manhattan à travers ses vitres... [decembre 2016]

L'art du cadrage... exposition "La collection Thea Westreich wagner et Ethan Wagner" au #centrepompidou

Happy 40 🎂#centregeorgespompidou ! Danse pour tous 😊

American continent is about immigration... since the first amerindian population... USA is about immigration since the first Pilgrims fathers fleeing religious persecutions in England... to the workers and refugees from today. Most of them wanted a land to build a new and better life. All of them, from different cultures, made the richness of this country. USA is about that... despite darken periods, as it may be today.
This picture is Ellis Island main room to register immigrants. It was the door to this country. #RayMarkII #BlacKeysSupergrain #hisptamatic

Bon mois ! Happy month ! Καλό μήνα ! Feliz mes ! ✨

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Anémones... Bonne semaine ! Καλή εβδομάδα ! Happy week ! Feliz semana ! ✨

Hello sweet dear Lady Liberty ... will you be the same tomorrow... will you still guide the freedom land and be welcoming ? #Akira #Dixie #hipstamatic