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Jimmy Kantstandyourbitz Jr.  Student ⛩ PJWSTK New.Developer 👨‍💻 🧠 Java, Python, C#,Asp.net, PHP, C++, Swift, Oracle SQL, JS, Node.js 🤖 AI based #Chatbots 💡 #SEO #SEM 🗣 🇹🇷,🇬🇧,🇵🇱

Upcoming update for my chatbot on messenger:
Sending likes are now faster.
With the new upgrade now you will be able to send unlimited free instagram views. Yes it still cost nothing. But if you want to insist to support the project stay free, you can always send me a pint https://paypal.me/cematesme/5

Chat with the bot now:

Stay tuned for the new version and please give your feedback what you want to see on the next futures.
Video created via @plotaverse aka @plotagraph

Do you want to be famous on instagram but you don't get enough likes "which you deserve"? Today, I will be introducing you my #facebook #messenger #chatbot which helps you gain more likes on your photos or videos. And, it's #FREE of charge! With no cost at all! All you have to do is go https://m.me/mentionpl
Simple init?
The bot is currently is underdeveloped and will be upgrading with coming up features including "free followers, free comments, free video views" and more!

All you just have to do is going to messenger and chatting with bot. That's literally all!

No cost!
No instagram login!
Only post link is required!

Go and try right now, and give your feedbacks :) PS. If you want to buy #followers #likes #comments #live or #story or #video #views you can contact me any time!
Mention bot will be helping you send you international real instagram user likes and due to using algorithm on behind server it will also help your post to be place on #discover section of instagram!
Do not wait and test it! Link also can find in my instagram bio! 😎😎😎 #instagram #marketing #ai #machine #learning #chatbots

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