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thank you Endless Etc

one year ago today was the last time my Barney was ever tacked up, taken out and walked away from the chair as soon as he felt me put my foot in the stirrup so I was hanging off the side of him for 2 minutes trying to stop him running around
it’s been a weird year adjusting to having a horse but not having a horse, and that odd conversation when people ask if you have your own horse and having to explain yes, but he can’t be ridden.
and it’s also fairly symbolic that nearly 7 years to the day I bought him he went lame to begin with, and that nearly 8 years to the day I bought him I might be starting another adventure with a new and very different friend.
I don’t want to hope too much until we’ve got our vetting done, but fingers crossed

my fat little body may not work but at least if im spending most of my time in bed because i can’t stop sleeping im doing it feeling comfy
id love to say things are good but i think im in a flare right now as everything is a bit achey and i can’t stay awake after 8pm but this is all sort of new to me anyway

oh vienna
📸 aoife idk why I can’t tag you

saoirse ronan and sarah paulson

what a handsome pair

the absolute best team

can I have him back please?
even if it’s just for a few months, I need my sweetheart.
I need him to help me again.

goes to blue ball - wears red

Merry Christmas and a happy new year from both of us!!
Fatboy is now basically feral and 3 hours away and times have really changed but each year the best times are the ones that make you happy regardless of what they are and the people and places that helped make those times are the best people too xx

my mood each christmas

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