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Cello's Corner  The Liver Killers:💛Tommy D's Limoncello,💚Windy Spot's Homemade Hooch,❤️Brogan's American Lager, & 💖Señorita Margarita {Proud Ambassadors for Undone⌚️}


The pups cooled down today in the Chesapeake Bay with their 2-legged cousin, James! {💖Margarita, 💛Limoncello, ❤️Lager, 💚Hooch}

Lager and Hooch both made finals in the Cape Charles event with their jumps from yesterday, and Limoncello was supposed to jump today. However, we have made a decision to scratch everyone since the real-feel temps here today will be 105° to 109°. Although other dogs did not seem affected, our pups did not do well in yesterday's heat. We will enjoy the rest of our stay close by the water and keeping us all hydrated. #safetyfirst {Thank you to TWDD for delivering our awards we were not present to accept at the Winter banquet!}

Margarita is in the Burlington County Times newspaper today featured in a story they did on the Therapy Dog reading program at the Evesham Library! 📸credit: Dorann Weber

Look! Up in the sky! It's a bird...It's a plane...it's HOOOOOOOOCH! The Liver Killers will be competing later today at Bay Creek Resort in Cape Charles, VA! Come on out and say hello if you are in the area- just look for our American flag canopy!

Photo copyright: @kentidyphoto

Full of smiles in Cape Charles, VA! The Liver Killers will be competing this weekend at Bay Creek Resort. But first, Margarita smiled away while cooling off in the bay at the dog beach this morning! 😁☀️🏖

NO!, I was NOT eating grass! Stop asking me questions, and start pushing that shutter button while I still feel like smiling after your rude accusation. 📷😄🌱 {💖Margarita} #youvegotalittlesomethingonyourlip

Practice makes perfect! {❤️🇺🇸Lager}

Can you touch the top of your nose with your tongue and swim at the same time?! Cello can! Haha! Happy #tongueouttuesday from Limoncello! 🍋🎻💛👅💦 #madskills

Look out belowwww! 💦 #{💚Hooch}

Never a dull moment here... today Brian noticed Margarita licking something on the ground in our yard. When he approached her, he saw that it was a toad, and Rita had already begun foaming at the mouth. She had found herself what we believe to be a Fowler's Toad. Although not as toxic as some other toads found in different parts of the U.S., the Fowler's Toad also secrets a substance when it feels threatened, and can cause some problems for your pup (like foaming at the mouth, vomiting, and diarrhea). Luckily, Brian was quick to flush Rita's mouth with water (if this happens to your pup- flush their mouth- don't let them drink/swallow). After a call to the 24-hr emergency clinic, Brian was told he did the correct thing by flushing Rita's mouth, and that she should be ok. However, they told us to monitor her and bring her in immediately if we observed any vomiting, diarrhea, facial tremors, or seizures. Margarita displayed no other symptoms the rest of the day, thank goodness.
I feel like this is something we should have known- but neither of us had any idea! The link below includes the toads that can harm your dog, and where they are typically located in the United States. The link also gives you a list of symptoms to watch for, and things to do (like flushing their mouth) if your dog comes in contact with a toad.

🍨Sundae Funday! Today is #NationalIceCreamDay ! In celebration, Rita checked-off another Summer Bucket List item: ✔️Eat an ice cream cone 🍦...(Rita has had ice cream before - but never in a cone where she got to eat the whole thing!) Don't worry- if you can't get your ice cream fix today, July is National Ice Cream Month, so you still have quite a few days to indulge and celebrate! 🍦💖🏖

You guys coming in, or what!? #derp #comeoninthewatersfine {❤️🇺🇸Lager}

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