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Sarah Stevens  Hand lettering/watercolor/reclaimed wood artist & educator. Addicted to fonts, positive people & anything avocado! Grateful gal. Following the Light.

Are you exhausted? Are you struggling with something that is making life difficult? Are you being carried right now? On one hand... I am SO sorry that you need that assistance. I am sorry that you are in a phase that is hard. I understand it so well and want things to change for you. I will be hoping that soon you will not need the lift you are getting. But, on the other hand... I am happy for you that you are being carried. I am overjoyed that you have someone that can walk this hard road with you. I am grateful for the God who lifts you up. I get it. I went 45ish years without only really needing a true lift one time. One significantly, can’t-walk-on-myself period. But the last 3-5 years have had many. And boy, oh boy, am I thankful for the set of footprints that have been on my path when mine couldn’t. So, I don’t love the reasons for needing to be carried but I do absolutely love the one who carries me, and you, more than ever before. How can we all be helping you? Let us know what is hard right now so we can be hoping and praying for your weight to be lifted. ♥️
This framed canvas was a custom order for a mom from her adult kiddos! Did you know I do custom canvases?! They come in multiple sizes and can be framed in gray/walnut stain or unframed. Email me at cellardesigns@tds.net or send me an Etsy convo for details!
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It’s time for your #weekendmarchingorders !! Take time this weekend to think about what you have thought is impossible to do in life. Then start thinking that it IS possible!! Don’t be afraid... believe that the impossible is possible! 🙌🏻👏🏻
Day 20| @30daysofbiblelettering — Luke 1:37
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I believe with all my heart that we are all created for a purpose.... or multiple purposes! What do you feel you were created for? Are you living it right now or dreaming of it? What is that “moment” you think you were created for? I will share mine then you comment below with yours!

I was created to be a wife/mom. I was created to be an artist. I was created to shine a light of gratitude, love and positivity. The moments I was created for are things like putting a band aid on a scraped knee, having the awkward-but-it-shouldn’t-be sex talk with our kids when they are 11-12ish years old, ooohing and aahhhing at my husband’s carpentry skills, designing a sign that hangs in an orphanage in Zambia, and getting a message from an Instagram follower who said they needed to hear exactly what I posted that day. But.... important thing folks... all these things are not from me... they are all because the God I believe in created me for them. It is Him who gets the credit. I l get to be the one blessed by Him in my purposes. Now... it’s your turn! Share! 💕

This custom sign ships out today! It is made with reclaimed barn wood, interior house paint, a size 2 Royal & Langnickel brush and 2 incredibly gorgeous chippy white hinges!

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Oh how I need spring!! This sweet green sign and hydrangeas is the closest thing to it I can find that felt like it! Especially since it snowed here yesterday enough that all evening activities were cancelled! Including my last high school home group. Ugh. So, trying to brighten up my day... Dreaming of warm weather, green grass and flowers in mason jars.✨ What are you dreaming of today? .
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Do you listen to the lies? You know the ones like... you shouldn’t be bold... you shouldn’t be ambitious... you shouldn’t be a career woman... you shouldn’t be a stay-at-home mom... you shouldn’t be single... you shouldn’t be married... you shouldn’t be too skinny... you shouldn’t be fat... you shouldn’t be passionate... you shouldn’t be complacent. Good gravy folks! We all are created to be someone unique and like no other! Don’t let the world run your life. Trust that YOU are the expert on who YOU are! Trust that those rude lies are not coming from any good and loving source. Trust that who you are, in all your imperfect perfection, is enough, beautiful and truly who you were created to be! ♥️
Created with an iPad Pro, Apple Pencil and @procreate .
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Okay, okay, so I am paraphrasing... don’t be mad! It is just how my brain unpacks the @30daysofbiblelettering day 18 verse, John 3:36! And besides.... I wanted to try these 4 colors together so I needed to break the verse down to 4 words.☺️ 😂
I hand lettered this with @royaltalens Ecoline liquid watercolors and a size 4 @princetonbrush !
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I first drew a little small circle but looked at it and thought "that is boring.😏 What does a mustard seed really look like?". So I looked it up and.. most drawings were still boring too.😉 So, then I wondered what was on the inside... and found that it was so very far from boring! This is my drawing of a cross section of a mustard seed in all its glory! Look at all those minuscule sections... notice how each one is different... pay attention to the strong wall surrounding it that is not smooth, but has tiny little bumps. Do you see the core of it is surrounded by a little mini-wall? Everywhere you look you see complexity but yet if you put it back together with its other half it just looks like a modest, plain and minuscule seed.
The bible says a mustard seed of faith can move mountains. This is hard to believe when you look at a whole, simple mustard seed. It feels like our little old human selves don't have enough individual strength or might to move a mountain. But when you look at the cross section of the seed there is nothing simple about it. It is like us... we are uniquely created like no other being on earth. We are complex, stronger-than-we-look, and have the ability to do way more than we could ever imagine. There is nothing trivial or inconsequential about us... or our faith!
Then I think about the mustard plant. It is a strong, pervasive plant. It starts in rich soil and grows rapidly. It can spread from rich soil to bad soil conditions. It has been known to upend concrete sidewalks when looking for the sunshine and room to grow. This is like our collective faith. Our individual faiths can connect to each other, spread like wild mustard plants, break boundaries in order to let the light shine!
Day 17| @30daysofbiblelettering -- Matthew17:20
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Recovering perfectionist here wants to know if you see things in the video too! There are a couple of them that you might not notice.... 1️⃣my pinky finger splint is still on the table! I set it there when I started painting because I can’t letter well with it on my finger. I could have been irritated because it doesn’t look good in a video but I am all about being real, so there ya have it! 😂 2️⃣I just put the lid of the quart sized can of paint on a little palette instead of pouring it out. Lazy, and not professional looking but it is how i do it and it works! 3️⃣Gray hair roots! Holy moly was I in great need of color. I didn’t realize how salt and pepper the crown of my head is till this video.😂 Again, I could dislike this enough that I choose not to share out of vanity. But what’s vanity?! #grayhairdontcare .
This sign is AVAILABLE for purchase! I will post it in the Etsy shop later today. BUT IF YOU WANT IT send me a message to snatch it up before the world has their chance!
This is reclaimed barn wood that is planed and stained. Then I hand lettered it with interior house paint and a #2 Royal & Langnickel brush.
Tune in to my stories for my GratiTUESday things for later today!!
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The words that come right before these are meaningful. Psalm 30:5 says “For his anger lasts only a moment, but his favor lasts a lifetime! Weeping may last through the night, but joy comes with the morning.” I am a fan of JOY! But I also know that joy usually is most genuinely felt when it comes after a time of hardship, or weeping. I feel there is a beautiful mirroring here in the verse. Although God may be displeased with me it will only be for a short time I CAN TRUST I will have His favor forever. And.... although there may be an entire night of weeping I CAN TRUST that joy will return in the morning. Thank God. Now remember this folks.... some times this “night” is not a true night. It might be a few days, a month or a year. Our hard times, unfortunately, are not always fast. But God’s favor lasts a lifetime and the joy does come eventually. I know I am looking forward to the joy returning and will hang tight to that favor during the night (or months in a cast and boot😉). How about you?
Created with an iPad Pro, Apple Pencil and @procreate .
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I might cry if I think of the fact that I have only 1 week left being in my happy place for awhile. Folks, my studio has been my sanctuary in the past several years. I have done a lot of dancing {sometimes with crutches or a cane} here. I have sung many songs loud and proud {but maybe a bit pitchy} here. I have had more than a few chats with Jesus {some were full of gratitude and some frustration} here. I have made mistakes here. I have created beautiful things here. I have learned a new craft here. My studio is a space that brings joy, light, forgiveness, wisdom, connection and contentment. And next Tuesday I will have the 3rd surgery on the SAME tendon in the SAME foot. This will be the 3rd time in the last 2 years I have been sidelined and not able to get out to my happy place. I could cry. But.... I won’t. Maybe I will just pitch a tent in there this week so I can get so much studio time that my cup overflows!😉 I will savor my moments and store them in my heart.♥️
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All. Together. Good. These are the words that stand out to me today in this verse. Let’s work backwards on this...

Good: I think I used to think this meant “the good outcome that I want to happen”. 😂 Silly me. I am now pretty sure that God’s idea of “good” is sometimes not super good for ME, but instead good for HIS WORLD.

Together: I think most of us are so busy living our own lives that we don’t pay enough attention to many other things going on around us. And these things are all part of God’s plan and He intends for them to be woven together. We are CONNECTED together through HIS STORY.

All: When we lived in Kentucky our pastor there used to say “All means most of the things...nope! All means a few things...nope! All means only the good things that we like...nope! ALL means ALL!!” This will stick with me forever. God takes all things {the good, that bad, and the ugly} and works them together for HIS PURPOSE.

What a sweet, hard-to-fathom, powerful assurance this is! I, for one, am grateful for it.

Day 15| @30daysofbiblelettering — Romans 8:28

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