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Sarah Stevens  Hand lettering/watercolor/reclaimed wood sign artist. Addicted to fonts, positive people & anything avocado! Grateful gal. Following the Light. ✨


I am a big fan of a fresh start! Maybe it is because for the last 82 years {slight exaggeration!} I have needed a fresh start of a diet on Monday mornings! 😂 Anyone else? Seriously, I do love the chance for a brand new start! I feel like we are blessed to have been given the biggest fresh start because of God’s grace! Grateful! 💛
This sign is a custom order that shipped out last week. Would you like me to create a special sign for you? Send me a DM and we can chat about it!
#freshstart #brandnewstart #processvideo #letteringvideo #calligraphyvideo

I will never understand why people bring a sense of competition to which building they go to on any given Sunday. 🤦🏻‍♀️ We should celebrate each other’s buildings of worship. We should respect those who don’t get to a building. We should be gracious when someone doesn’t feel like our building isn’t a good fit for them. We should be happy for someone when they find a building that they love. Because, you see folks, these are all just buildings. The Church is who we ALL are! Church is ALL of us worshiping and serving in our own ways in order to glorify God. The Church is what we do all week long, not just where we go on Sunday! Let’s all be the Church this week and love others well! Happy Sunday y’all! ❤️
#sunday #sundaychurch #wearethechurch #loveall

This @sarahbessey quote hit me hard this week. Especially in a week full of so many #metoo posts. There are just simply too many of us. It shouldn’t be a reality. It needs to stop. We need to rest in our God-breathed worth. And others need to treat us as such. .
#speakout #dontbesilent #youarenotalone #stopsexualharrassment #processvideo #letteringvideo #calligraphyvideo

Did you think I forgot to give you your weekend marching orders?! I didn’t...just a busy night already working on my own orders. Sometimes we all just need to hit the reset button. Let’s all do that this weekend! Ok? Ok. 💛
#marchingorders #weekendvibes #hitreset

I absolutely LOVE this sign and would hang it in our home in a HOT MINUTE if I had the wall space! But I don’t, so that means one of you can! This sign is for sale and READY TO SHIP TO YOU TODAY! Just follow the link to our Etsy shop in my profile, find the picture of the sign and hit “add to cart”. The person who buys this gem will get a bonus of a Cellar Designs’ hand lettered print!
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I don’t mean get up in the morning and smile. I mean find the strength to rise up from whatever has created a brokenness in you and shine the light that radiates from your soul. Your story can help others. Your courage can inspire others. Your rising, in spite of the ache, is like a hand reaching out to others who are yearning to rise themselves. Rise & Shine friends, rise &Shine. 💪🏻⬆️✨
#riseandshine #riseup #makeadifference #yourstorymatters

It’s jean jacket weather! And what better to wear under it than a cool graphic tee?! I had so much fun creating these new shirts! Order one today! If you are local to Madison, WI, and can pick it up, send me a message and I will give you a code for no shipping! Swipe ⬅️ to see all of them! Which one is your favorite?
Photos by @justlovemadison .
#graphictees #faithoverfear #bekind #gratefulheart #dontquityourdaydream #beyourself #tshirtdesign #thsirt #positivevibes #handlettering #lettering

I may or may not need to hear this for myself today. 😳😊 So I figured you might too. I don't mean that you should be kind in a pamper-yourself-get-a-pedicure-self-care kind of way. I mean this in a stop-listening-to-those-negative-looping-stories-in-your-head kind of way. Be gentle on your heart today. Be easy with your spirit today. Be sweet to your soul. Be kind to yourself. ❤️
#bekindtoyourself #trueselfcare #bekind #loveyourself

I find it so interesting that this is the most requested sign in our Etsy shop. I have thought about it a lot and I think the main reason is that deep down we all love a great transformation story! Whether it is a huge weight loss on a The Biggest Loser or an amazing renovation on Fixer Upper {who else is heartbroken that this is the last season?!}, we have this instinctual thing to cheer for the person/thing that is changing! I believe this is because we all want to hope that restoration and transformation can happen for us as well. We all have had a time in our life when we felt like a weed. And we just wished that someone {or ourselves} would see us differently. Our potential. Our inner beauty. Our heart. As I paint these signs I often think of who they are going to. Yesterday as I painted this one I prayed that the recipient would be inspired by it to see things with "wish"-colored glasses. I prayed that they would see themselves either as a beautiful restoration or worthy of one and be patient for it to come. I am a hopeless restoration wisher. Are you? .
This sign is for a custom buyer BUT it can be recreated for you with a different frame! I have many to choose from so just send me a DM for details!
#someseeaweedsomeseeawish #restorations #tranformation #trashtotreasure #processvideo #letteringvideo #calligraphyvideo

...and people. Folks, the best thing that has happened lately here in the Cellar Designs' community is that I have witnessed some of you connecting with each other! I have seen some of you encourage and support others by replying to comments. I have watched as some of you offer to pray for someone. It has been such a sweet thing to be a part of! THIS is what I believe creativity can do. It can connect people. It can help people find common ground. It can inspire goodness in all. This community is so much bigger than my art. It is not about me. It is about the Holy Spirit whispering holy things that gently nudge people to love each other. It is what true SOCIAL media should be....a vehicle for people to connect, be social and love each other. Thank you to all of you who have been a part of building this tribe with me! I can't tell you how much you all bless me...and others! ❤️
#creativity #cellardesignscommunity #ourfamily

Yesterday I had jury duty. I actually ended up being chosen to be a part of a jury for what was supposed to be a 5 day trial. We listened to opening arguments and the first testimony only to end up with a mistrial being declared. I won't share details of this case but I will say that it made me sad. All the people involved in this case are living with very hard things. They didn't grow up in great atmospheres and they seem to be broken because of it. I drove home thinking about how blessed I am to have grown up in a healthy environment with lots of people who loved me. I thought about how blessed I am to be able to raise our children in a home where they are safe and feel loved. I thought about how blessed we are to be able to open our home to the youth of our community so they have another place to belong and be accepted and loved. The people in this trial might not have had these things and now they don't have closure or justice either. So, since it's GratiTUESday itnis preety clean what I am grateful for! Today I am grateful for my happy places... my home as a child and my home as a parent.❤️ What are you grateful for today?
#myhappyplace #homesweethome #ourhappyplace #gratituesday

Me too. Sadly.
If all the women who have been sexually assaulted or harassed said "me too", we might give people and sense of the magnitude of the problem.
For me....it was an assault in college. Forever changed me. But I am not ashamed any longer because I am not alone. Sadly.
#metoo #awareness #toomanyofus

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