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Celine Novenario  Manila 🇵🇭 ✈️ New York 🇺🇸 ✈️ Geneva 🇨🇭🏠 A storyteller living happily ever after in Switzerland 🏔


Happy #WorldMetDay from Geneva! Here are some #cumulonimbus clouds over Lac Léman in honor of this year's theme, #UnderstandingClouds ☁️ Found out today through @metoffice that the average cumulonimbus cloud weighs about 400,000 kg - roughly the same as an @Airbus A380! ☁️🤓✈️ #themoreyouknow 😉

I've got #clouds on my mind today as we gear up for #worldmetday tomorrow! This year's theme is #understandingclouds so I've learned more about them in the past few weeks than I thought possible 😂 If you love clouds too, share your favorite #☁️ photos with the hashtag #understandingclouds 💙

It was around this time last year that I learned that I had been selected for a position that I really wanted in Geneva - but it meant that I would have to leave my beloved New York. My last days in New York were in the spring, when the city is particularly beautiful, and I remember feeling sad that I wouldn't get to enjoy the blooming of New York's magnolia trees and cherry blossoms the following year. I shouldn't have been - springtime in Geneva has been such a delight as I come across blooms I've never seen before blossoming around every corner. There's a metaphor in there somewhere ❤️🌸❤️ #newbeginnings #floweringquince

After the fog cleared 💙 Still on a high from our weekend of skiing in the #SwissAlps ⛷ Despite having to ski through slush and rain on Saturday, and some spells of thick fog on Sunday, I really fell I love with skiing this weekend. Happy to end the season on a high note and already looking forward to next winter. Merci #Verbier ! 😘🏔

It's official. I can ski down a red slope, no problem, if the end point is a bar 🍻 It's all about finding the right motivation 😂

Chasing winter in #Verbier ⛷ It was a pretty 💩 day for skiing, tbh - rainy, slushy and foggy all at the same time. But I finally have confidence and control, and I had such a great time! Hopefully the weather cooperates and we can have one more session tomorrow but I'm extremely happy about how my skiing adventure this season turned out 💙🎿💙 Can't wait for the next!

🌼 Stopping to appreciate the spring daffodils and crocus before we go off in search for one last romp in the winter snow tomorrow ❄️

I was on my way to pole class to twist and pry my body into odd shapes when I came upon this building in Les Grottes that was already way ahead of me 🙌🏼 They call these buildings Les Schtroumpfs because they resemble the 🍄 homes of the Smurfs

Spotted: Gorgeous cherry blossoms in bloom at La Petite Reine #🌸 Wish I could tell you I had this view with a picon beer but I just happened to pass by on my way to French class. But it's ok ... I know there are many picon beers to come at this location in the months to come! 💗🍻💗 #inspiredbypetals

We sprung forward today by taking my bike out of the cave and having a little ride around the lake 🚴🏻‍♀️💙🚴🏻 I need A LOT of practice before I can be a proper Geneva bike commuter but I really want to work towards that this year. Just one of a bajillion new things I'm trying to tackle in my Geneva life 😅 Hope you enjoy the extra hour of daylight today! There's still some snow on the Jura but I dare say we've made it to the light at the end of the winter tunnel 😉

Spring has sprung in Geneva! It's the perfect day to take a walk in Jardin Botanique and think about all the picnics we will have in the summer. I guess I'm not that sad about the end of winter after all 😉 Happy Friday!

Here's a candy-colored Geneva sky from another day because I will probably nap through today's sunset 😴 After two ski Sundays in a row, I am thoroughly enjoying this completely inactive Sunday. Hope you're enjoying yours, whether you're out and about or glued to the couch like I am 😁

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