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Celine Zabad  Logophile; A world within a word. • Repost w/credit @celinezabad • Original poems signed • Others shared • LIKE my FB page👇🏻


Staying afloat. ⠀

Don't even try it. ⠀

I’ve given away too many pieces of my heart⠀
To have any peace of mind left…⠀
Céline Zabad, “Bits and Pieces”⠀

Cautious love. ⠀

Shades of blue, while I think of you...⠀

Tag your favorite person, make it count! ⠀

In honor of MLK day⠀

“Anyone who thinks gardening begins in the spring and ends in the fall is missing the best part of the whole year; for gardening begins in January with the dream.” -⠀

Josephine Nuese⠀

My word. ⠀

And there’s something about the rain…⠀
The way the droplets kiss the earth,⠀
The scent of wetness and damp dirt,⠀
Like the lost art of handwritten love letters,⠀
The forgotten forget-me-nots and faded, sealed kisses.⠀

There’s something about the rain…⠀
The carefree way I used to dance with arms wide open to the heavens…⠀
Tasting your every bit, drenching my very being…⠀

I was younger then…⠀
Céline Zabad, “Drizzled Forget-Me-Nots”⠀


In search of you,⠀
I traveled back in time⠀
And found⠀
Without you.⠀
Céline Zabad, “Time Is Telling”

Starry night.

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