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Please explain to me why we care what others think about us? Life is too short to listen to nonsense.. Live your best life.. Focus on yourself & how you can make a difference .. We can’t take our time for granted on wrong doings. We need to make a positive difference somehow.. We weren’t placed on earth to hurt one another.. why do some choose to do so? We are here to lend a hand to those who need help. We can be someone’s friend. We are somebody. You can be someone’s shoulder to lean on. You’re never a nobody 🙏🏼 Start your day with a warm heart and open arms.


I am.. emoji 😛.. NYC in 2 weeks. Pretty excited !!

Watchu lookin’ at ? ( Dress @realisationpar )

Players only love you when they’re playing 🎶 #FleetwoodMac #Dreams #Cover #Music ( top from @bambaswim )

Good morning ☀️ @theplymouthmiami @camuran

New lyric video out ( Celine Farach - OH! ) now on YouTube and Vevo ✨❤️😊 ( Photos taken by @cherokeepresley 🌷 )

I wish I can have this sun kiss forever. 🤭💭

Trying to be taken serious for once 🤭 @theplymouthmiami

Back in my natural habitat 💭 @theplymouthmiami . From the start of my day- to the end ❤️ love being here. Xoxo! #theplymouthmiami #hotel #southbeach ( top from @bambaswim )

Always smiling ✨ .. cause I knew I was getting desserts later 🍫🍰🍦🍨

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