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It was warm enough to build a snowman ⛄️,to play outside with open jackets and no hats. We also took advantage of jumping off the snow banks before they disappear. Oh and I think MissE found her calling... sculptor of the human body 😳😂 Swipe through the photos to see them all! I am liking this new feature, how about you? #backyardshennanigans#shamoftheperfect #these👫

Super proud of this kiddo, he won the gold medal 🥇 at his first speed skating competition! Looks like I'll be needing a 70-200mm lens next fall when he starts competing for real! 😁#lifewithmisterm #proudmom#futureolympian

Hey MTL friends! Are you looking for a cool and exciting new place to workout? 🚴🏼‍♀️My sister just opened a Spin/Yoga/Barre studio in the heart of Monkland village. Come check it out and for more info have look at their IG @elmnt.studio I hope to see you there! #spinnersofinstagram#yogastudio#mtlfitness

Another day, another snow angel! 😇#lookinginsideout#lifewithmisterm#backyardfun

Double exposures, I've admired them and always in awe of those who make them (in a non cheesy way) but never really gave it a try. Anyone got any tips! Clearly I need more practice. Thank you to @thenarrativesociety for this prompt, not only did it make me pick up my camera when I was going to skip a day in my 365, but it made me experiment and want to try and learn something new! #tns365#lifewithmisse#doubleexposure

2.5 years ago I took my first ever photography class with @kirstenlphotog on Creative Live. I had seen the Vivian Maier documentary and had been googling about taking photo classes and one day an add came up in my FB feed about a free class on Family Documentary Photography. I marked my calendar and watched the class (over and over again). My life was forever changed! My love for documentary photography and my family together, who even knew that was a thing! As soon as the course was over, I signed up with my first class on @clickinmoms and learnt how to switch my camera from auto to manual. Here I am 2.5 years later, with a new passion that keeps growing bigger day by day. And now Kirsten is giving a class on Clicking Moms, talk about full circle! I would love to win the class to further my knowledge and make me a better photographer. Thanks for the opportunity to win a spot in the class! #CMbreakoutwithkirstenlewis#clickinmoms#shamoftheperfect

A lemon for Alix... Sending love, hope and peace. 🌺🍋🌺 Although I don't know you, I am thinking of you and your family. .
To read more about @alixmartinez story and her battle with lung cancer and see how you can help go to alixslemon.com 💕and come see how the photography community has come together #alixslemon

With no sight of spring coming soon, I decided to buy some tulips to keep us hopeful! Also, I was looking through my feed and looking at the different seasons and colours in my photos- thanks to @roxanne_bryant and realized I had no green in my winter photo and felt a need to change that! #editingforartist#lifewithmisse#springplease#shamoftheperfect#dfpcommunity

No better place to make a snow angel when your trampoline takes up most of the yard! ❄️👼🏽Also, I wasn't expecting to add a photo to my #trampolinestories project until spring!🙃 #lifewithmisterm#snowangel#sotp_weather#dfpcommunity

Happy weekend from the 3 of us! #molgetin52 #reflection #sillyface

Sometimes I sew for myself and I blog about it... this is my version of The Waterfall Raglan by @chalkandnotch - it's part of the Sewing blog tour #makeitmine . I really don't love to be in front of the camera, so I tried to have a little fun with the photoshoot. Talk about getting out of my comfort zone! I think this will count as my "getintheframe" photo for this week too. For more funny and awkward photos of me and this lovely dress check out my blog [link in the bio 👆🏼] #iamtoooldforthis