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Celina Ardhara Reswari P  Do you disturb my life. free to let me work my future far better ❕ Al - Baqarah : 155 👻 Snapchat: celinaardhara 💌LINE: celinaardhara_


thanks god your plan is really beautiful

what do you mean?

I will not explain how my personality as a woman because you can assess yourself with my daily life

may god protect those people who loved me, both my parents you're a boon to my life


trying to remain a good person and keep oral speaking. because women are seen as valuable if good 🌸

do not need to fuss

Dibalik semua kesenyuman, keruet an dan kelelahan, kami punya stres yang cukup ampuh, say "pose" please 💕

i need not rake. I've not rake over your life

Jgn lupa geser kanan!! 🤐

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