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Celeste  Creator and CEO of @Celestialbodiez. A candy coated enigma. Former WWE Diva's champ. Currently still breaking hearts…and SOME faces.


Today marks @Celestialbodiez 3rd birthday. It's extremely significant this year, not only because it's a huge milestone for a small business but also because this year has been extremely challenging for me personally and for this company. I'm currently going through a tough divorce and every aspect of my life has changed. When the concept of Celestial Bodiez was conceived, I left my career in WWE to start a new chapter in my life. I got married, I launched this business and had big dreams. It's really scary to leave a career and completely start over. I've always lived with a do or die mentality. Make it happen because you believe so much in something. Just fucking DO IT and figure it out along the way. Celestial Bodiez is my baby. I continuously learn every day from my mistakes. "How do I continue to grow? What am I good at? What are my weaknesses? What's the next step?" 2.5 years after it's birth, in the beginning of 2017, I looked at my life, and the way this company was moving forward and I wasn't happy. I didn't like the person I had become. I didn't feel fulfilled. I decided to change it all. I filed for divorce and basically had to start over. It was a struggle. I lost employees, finances, comfortability and was forced to find a way. Luckily, I had some amazing people in my life to help me rebuild... and now almost half a year later, moving myself, my company and gaining a new mind set, I was able to get my shit together and move forward. My team and I have rebranded Celestial Bodiez and gotten back to the foundation on which it was built. The belief that it will succeed no matter what. Do or die. The idea that we can empower woman by making them feel sexy and confident no matter the stage of life they are in and most importantly, it has become my vision once again. It's once again a labor of love. Thanks to every person that has supported me and Celestial Bodiez. Thanks to @amandaotero_ @itschrisstacks @kristinalicarifit and to all my new ambassadors. #scrunchsquad #happybirthday #celestialbodiez #3 #smallbusiness

It's #FreshFaceFriday and I look tired AF 😂. Honestly, I should be tired. It's Friday and I'm beat. Post your no make up, no filter selfie and tag me!!! Celebrate your natural beauty. #doyouboo #nomakeup #freshface #womenruntheworld

When you wanna be sporty but don't know shit about sports. #almostfriday #sports? #celestialbodiez #bootyscrunch #forbodiezoutofthisworld #legday

Live in NY? Come to #PoundForPaws on July 15th at @thepound_ny !!!! @amandaotero_ and myself will be holding a seminar and live Q&A. It's FREE! Don't miss it! Also.... THERE WILL BE KICKBALL😎
_____________________________________________________________ 👉🏼The Pound
5442 state hwy 12
Norwich NY, 13815

What are mornings like at the @celestialbodiez HQ? Press play. (Sound on). VP @amandaotero_ and I do all of the processing and shipping of packages (on top of all of our other roles). This helps us keep a grip on forecasting, trends and to put a personal touch on each package that goes out. Entrepreneurship is rarely glamorous but is highly rewarding. This week, @celestialbodiez turns 3 years old. It is literally an extension of me. Recently, I have had the opportunity to rebrand the company and myself. I've strayed from this over sexualized and flashy style of marketing to focus on and appeal to REAL women. I've worked hard to make sure I'm involved in every aspect of this company along with my team of ride-or-dies. Thanks to everyone who has shown their love and support and continue to support the brand!
#ceo #entrepreneur #forbodiezoutofthisworld #celestialbodiez #bootyscrunch #shipit

Today marks my 3 yr wedding anniversary. Although I'm aboard the shitty divorce train, I'm still technically Married. What a weird feeling. There's no playbook or instructions on what to do on this type of day. Whatever. That's the beauty of it. Everyday you write your own story. I didn't love my life so I decided to change it. I didn't love the person i became, so I did something about it. I knew how sad and hard and life changing this road would be but I got this one life and so far I've managed to surprise myself with how much I'm capable of. I thrive under pressure. I live for Do-or-die type shit. I Live beyond my comfort zone... and other cliche motivational things etc.
Today is going to be a good day. I refuse to look behind me and regret anything. The three years I spent in my marriage were a part of my story and were not a waste but a lesson. I feel more empowered than ever. We'll call today the beginning of chapter 3, The Butterfly. #nextchapter #NewNew #butterfly #change #loveyourlife #womenruntheworld
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H&M by @luigichamorro

The @celestialbodiez crew had a seriously amazing and SUCCESSFUL weekend at the #Dallas @europagamesexpo! A big thanks to everyone who came and showed love and to my ride or dies @amandaotero_ @itschrisstacks @kristinalicarifit and @shawnapolizdesign! #bootyscrunch #forbodiezoutofthisworld #scrunch #celestialbodiez #dallaseuropa2017 #entrepreneur #ceo

Thanks mom, You da best.
Hey dad, f*ck off.
I turned out pretty ok with just a badass mom but props to all those great fathers out there....Happy Father's Day, dads! (And single moms).
#happyfathersday #loveyoumom #realmen

Some of the best bunz in the game🙌🏼 @beastbuns stopped by @celestialbodiez booth and showed some #bootyscrunch love at the Dallas @europagamesexpo 👀 #celestialbodiez #bootyscrunch

Come see us!!!! We are gonna be at the #DallasEuropa! Come meet the whole crew! Me @amandaotero_ @itschrisstacks @kristinalicarifit @shawnapolizdesign AND the BOSTONS @simonthebossboston and @thelittlebostonterrier!!! We will also have a unicorn and TONS OF #BOOTYSCRUNCH!!!! #bootyscrunch #celestialbodiez #dallas #texas #europa @europagamesexpo

Oh heeyyyyy. @simonthebossboston and I will see you in Dallas at the @celestialbodiez booth! Where my Texas peeps at?!?? #Texasgirl #dallaseuropa2017

Always working at the #CelestialBodiez HQ! It's the last day to get a FREE bundle of @bforcebands #BOOTYBANDS with a purchase of $200 or more from Celestialbodiez.com! @amandaotero_ @itschrisstacks @kristinalicarifit @simonthebossboston @thelittlebostonterrier #bandsamakeherdance #celestialbodiez #bootyscrunch #bforcebands #workflow

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