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Celeste  Founder & CEO of @Celestialbodiez Candy coated enigma Former WWE Diva's champ Currently still breaking hearts...& faces Podcaster Vlogger #GirlBoss

Date night. ....with my mom 😂

#datenight #saturdaysareforthegirls #bunlife

Even though I’m pretending to do yoga for the shot.... I’m strangely also finding inner peace 🤷🏻‍♀️ Just doing what I love. (Not faking yoga) ...I’m talking about Designing leggings that are more than comfortable, fun, sassy af and most importantly, leggings that make you feel good about yourself. Rise #UP .

Check out these new @celestialbodiez prints! They’re super 90’s inspired.
Videography by @alexromanofficial

Its the best part of coming home on Fridays! We get our @trifectasystem meals for the week. We don’t train our asses off to not eat right and not get results, right @simonthebossboston??? We killin that vegan life. Thanks as always to @thejoshv😎 #trifecta #vegan #eatlikeyoutrain

When he mentions tacos and you turn around like “I thought you’d never ask.” .

Brb gotta change into my taco eating pants .... aka @celestialbodiez leggings. #celestialbodiez #girlboss #tacos #whyamiwearingjeans #aka #legprisons
Photo by @mamamaysa

So I did a thing!!!! (Link is in my bio)

I’m super pumped to announce the official launch of my personal website separate from the @CelestialBodiez site. This is the home for everything Celeste! You’re probably just picturing a bunch of flannels, chucks and pictures of my dog. Well, you’re not wrong, BUT there’s so much more.
My new site is home for my Vlog, the Unglamorous life podcast and The Dirty Work podcast. It’s your one-stop shop for all my content. You will also be able to find information on what’s going on in my world. Things like events, appearances, projects and even see my favorite Celestial Bodiez picks of the month.
Lastly, and by far most importantly, this website will truly highlight the things I’m most passionate about: Women’s empowerment and lifting each other #UP. Find out what’s up with the #UP movement!
Take a peek and let me know what you think!

I want to thank my homie @shawnapolizdesign for her amazing design work (I love her delicious brain) and to my team that helped pull it all together! Honorable mention: @haliutstein

Photo by @mamamaysa

Couldn’t be more awkward if I tried in this trampoline action shot during the @celestialbodiez shoot but I is who I is 🤷🏻‍♀️

Get my look! (Not my awkward jumping skills). Im rocking the new Rockin plaid limited leggings😎 #awkwardAF #Getsome #celestialbodiez #bootyscrunch #bestleggingsever

My #WCW SQUAD. Take a moment and enjoy the view. My girls rockin our new @celestialbodiez limited edition leggings.
Rockin Plaid
Awesome Blossom
Distressed Plaid
Moody Floral
Street Camo

#celestialbodiez #squad #girlboss #90s #enjoytheview
Photo by @mamamaysa

Yooooooo New episode of the Unglamorous podcast Life is up!!!! Link in bio... duhhhh. I finallllly get with one of my favorite people and @CelestialBodiez professional videographer, @AlexRomanofficial, aka “Trash Roman”, He talks about how he got into videography by essentially faking it until he made it.(great story) We talk about how we met lol…pretty funny too. Also, hear about Alex’s popular rock band, @FameonFire.

1:36 How Alex faked it until he made it
12:29 Alex’s advice to people looking to make a career out of a hobby
17:33 Alex’s band “Fame on Fire”
24:40 Fame on Fire’s new music video
29:50 How Fame on Fire films their videos
33:00 Fame on Fire’s future goals
36:00 Alex’s advice to someone who wants to learn how to play music
#unglamorous #celestialbodiez #fameonfire #trashfriends

When you know your leggings are dope. Stop at @celestialbodiez and grab some of these new fire prints.
#celestialbodiez #girlboss #dope #limitededition
Photo by @mamamaysa

New. Prints. Are. HERE. Grab new limited edition @celestialbodiez leggings while you can! Limited quantities.
This collection is super 90’s inspired. Obnoxious florals and rad plaids. I have such a boner for these. Who would of ever thought I’d be caught wearing floral 🤷🏻‍♀️ Photo by @mamamaysa #celestialbodiez #girlboss #girlballs #90s #SPORTS

When you just cannot get your shit together.
This was today during a @celestialbodiez “Men’s guide” to buying leggings. The entire staff is accountable for me laughing uncontrollably.
Guest appearance by @youngexeccoach
#celestialbodiez #whyamilikethis #fridaymood

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