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sWeLlUlAr  Jana 🌸 16+ scientist there’s nothing wrong with you, it’s true 👏🏻 there’s something wrong with the village 💫

I'm alive i swear


an edit I’ll probably never post on my doctor who account so umm here hehe [ my edit ]

um... *coughs* you’re welcome

-when Jana finally finds out who her sister is, when her sisters about to die.

I want this I want this I want this

—SARCASM. Only way to describe their relationship. At first Jana is uncertain about having her as a friend but it all works out and they become badass sarcastic bitches together and love it.

au coming into mind- instead of making Jana work for WICKD they put her in her own individual simulator and gave her memories of someone else’s life to see how she would react being left alone and fighting off different types of creatures. Idk it’s dumb but I like this edit and I want to post it

—Jana and Gally’s relationship is complicated, they love each other platonically and always joke and have each other’s back, especially when he sees her again he won’t leave her side. Jana always felt like there was something else there and maybe Gally did too but neither got to act on it since she died. [ making thee for everyone so if you want one comment ]


—Jana and Thomas would have a joking friendship were they constantly joke to each other, sexually, death, just anything is on the table. They both are quirky around each other and sometimes people wonder if they’re dating. Though they grimace when they think about it. [ I think I’m funny eheh]

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