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#2909 Bellwoods Goblin Sauce (Canada)

I fucks with goblins, bruh. This 8.5% double IPA was apparently forged by these mythical creatures deep in the bowels of the Hafis Rd. facility. It pours hazy and dark, dank nose, some fruity vibes up front which dissipate quick, pine and malt, mild bitterness, a ton of booze with a tangy finish. This was a little brighter a week or so back, but it's still fire. Get it in ya.

#2908 Bellwoods Strawberry Rhubarb Jelly King (Canada)

I love that rhubarb is the beer ingredient of the summer. The newest variety of Jelly King is fire, folks. Sitting at 5.6%, it pours a hazy rosé colour, subtle funky nose, great fruit balance, balanced sour notes, great funk, some earthy vibes from the rhubarb, ending in a tart, tangy, tongue duster of a finish. In love.

#2907 Bellwoods Runes (Citra & Columbus) (Canada)

There's nothing better in life than cracking a fresh hazy Bellwoods beer and dancing around the house to Kwabs. This is the latest Runes with Citra and Columbus hops, it pours like OJ, smells like a fruit basket, chalky AF, topical as tits, some vanilla in there even, citrus, mild bitterness, with a smooth, creamy finish. Perfection.

#2906 7 Seas Brewing Ballz Deep (USA)

This 8.4% double IPA has one of the best beer names ever. It's super amber with a boozey nose, malt forward with a bunch of fruit and piney dankness, upfront bitterness with a tangy finish. Into it.

#2905 7 Seas Brewing Rude Parrot (USA)

Huge shouts to the dude @BenUnion for sending these bad boys over from Seattle. This is a 5.9% English style IPA, pours super amber, tons of biscuity malt, creamy mouthfeel, subtle bitterness, a touch of fruit with a clean finish. I dig it.

#2904 À La Fût Cowsûre Framboise (Canada)

This bad boy is an early release from the sour event here starting tomorrow. It's a 5.9% sour with raspberry, fruity and funky, almost bitter with a tangy finish.

#2903 Pub BreWskey Maltshake (Canada)

Anything called a 'maltshake' is good with me. It's a 5.5% oatmeal milk stout with lactose, creamy and chocolatey, some coffee vibes, great sweetness and a touch of bitterness in the finish. Need this in a float, mate.

#2902 Pub BreWskey Kilogramme (Canada)

Oh this is a gem. It's a 6.8% IPA, slightly hazy, brewed with a ton of hops, super fruity and tropical, mild bitterness, some dank piney notes, creamy mouthfeel and a smooth finish. Love it.

#2901 Pub BreWskey Kalegin (Canada)

This is an interesting one. It's a 5.8% Blanche brewed with kaffir lime, lemongrass and ginger. Slightly hazy, wicked ginger notes, subtle lime vibes, some cloves with a tangy finish. Bomb.

#2900 Pub BreWskey Monocle x Mosaïc (Canada)

Ahh yeah, only 100 beers 'til the next milestone. This is a 6% triple dry hopped pale ale with Mosaic, clear and malty, dank and bitter, some tropical fruits with a clean finish. Fantastic.

#2899 Pub BreWskey RYEdical (Canada)

This is a 6.5% rye amber ale, hella biscuity and peppery, some caramel vibes, some fruity sweetness with a tangy, dry finish. Solid.

#2898 Pub BreWskey Green Grenade (Canada)

Celebrating my PR with the homies at Pub BreWskey! This is a 4.9% India Session Ale with kiwi, apple and grenade (which must be a hop?). It pours hazy with a fruity nose, malt forward, great tropical sweetness, mild bitterness with a clean finish. Lovely.

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