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#3559 Deschutes Fresh Squeezed IPA (USA)

Moved onto an Irish Pub, who inconveniently ran out of Jai Alai but had this bad boy. It’s a 6.4% west coast IPA, super fruity yet malt forward, slightly bitter, and a sweet, dry finish. Super dope.

#3558 Martin House The Salty Lady (USA)

We out here at Velvet Taco in Dallas and I grabbed this bomb Gose from Fort Worth right quick. It sits at 5%, salty and subtly sour, tart and fruity, tangy and clean with a dry finish. Great stuff.

#3557 Community Mosaic IPA (USA)

We out here at a football practice in Dallas and this is Trav’s fave beer. It’s an 8.6% single hop IPA, slightly opaque, drinks much less than 8%, clean and dank, resinous and bitter with a dry finish. Get it in ya.

#3556 Revolver Long-Range Pils (USA)

This is their 4.8% pils, malty and super crushable, crisp and bready with a clean, slightly sweet finish. Mate, get this in ya.

#3555 Revolver Blood & Honey (USA)

Just touched down in Dallas and the homie Trav laced me with this 7% Pale Ale brewed with blood orange zest and honey. It’s clean and dusty, a touch citrusy and sweet, malty and bready with a crisp finish. Not bad.

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#3554 Hops & Grain A Pale Mosaic (USA)

Got into the Mass Appeal gig and they had craft. This is an oddly specific 5.93% IPA with Mosaic hops, malt forward, a little fruity, clean with a crisp finish. Solid.

“Who’s the biggest little motherfucker you know?” 🤘 @therealbushwickbill 📷: @liquidxhappiness

#3553 Epic Big Bad Baptist (USA)

Damn this is an 11.9% imperial stout at 2pm. Big day. This is basically liquid chocolate with coffee, creamy af, incredibly smooth, boozy whisky notes from the barrel aging, a touch bitter with a tangy, dark fruity finish. Amazing.

#3552 Hops & Grain Haze County (USA)

Kenny! This hazy bad boy is 8.2%, super tropical, creamy and smooth, a touch bitter and dank, crushable even though it’s high ABV with a clean, dry finish. Fantastic. It’s 2pm and I’m halfway cut, mate.

#3551 Zilker Marco IPA (USA)

We out here at SLAB, the homies know the owner (such a legend) so we’re doing day beers. I’m rocking a 7% IPA from local Austin guys Zilker, malt forward yet fruity with subtle bitterness, clean and dry with a crisp finish. Solid morning beer.

#3550 Infamous IPA (USA)

With the Bodega Brovas fam! So this is a local Austin IPA, 7%, slightly opaque, fruity and a little dank, sweet and malty with a dry finish. Solid.

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