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#2504 Leinenkugel Wisconsin Red Pale Ale (USA)

Tonight has been ridiculous. Need a break. This is a 5.67% red pale ale from Milwaukee, super malty nose, lots of caramel with a mild English-style hop profile and a sweet finish. Not bad.

#2503 14th Star Golden Wheat (USA)

Another great Vermont brew courtesy of Jason from Beverage Warehouse, it's a nice sessionable 5.2% crisp, clear wheat brew with a musty vibe, subtly sweet, with a bold malty, bitter backbone. Solid.

#2502 von Trapp Helles Lager (USA)

These guys are a Vermont-based brewery focusing on lagers and lighter beers. This 4.9% German Helles Lager is pretty solid; crisp, malty, wicked flavour profile and goes down a treat.

#2501 Angkor Premium Extra Stout (Cambodia)

This is probably the best of the Cambodian stouts. It's 8% again, sweet nose, chocolate, malty with a unique tang in the finish. It's aight.

#2500 ABC Extra Stout (Cambodia)

Wooo! 2500 beers. Wish it was something more exciting but I've got a lot to get through, folks. This is an 8% musty dry stout, chocolate notes, balanced bitterness with a sweet finish. Not bad.

#2499 Kingdom Dark (Cambodia)

This is an 8% Stout, super sweet, kinda tastes like apple which is distracting from the fact that it's a stout. It's aight.

#2498 Kingdom Max (Cambodia)

The can says 'insanely strong'. It's 6%, bro. Get on my level. A little hazy with a stronger malt profile, kinda bready and the liquor shines through, unfortunately.

#2497 Ganzberg (Cambodia)

This one is a German style brew, quite malty with a decent amount of flavour for the style. The can had an ad for a contest where you can win a car. Wish me luck.

#2496 Anchor Smooth (Cambodia)

Pulled pork nachos like what. This is the tourist beer - the foreigners get this over Angkor (50 cents a pop). Standard fare - 5%, light and crisp, a lot less macro adjunct vibes than expected.

#2495 Gold Crown (Cambodia)

Why am I drinking macro Cambodian lagers after 3 days in Vermont drinking some of the best beers on the planet? I rep for everything, fam. Wrapping up the joints Scott brought back from Asia, this is a standard 4.5% lager, crisp, clean, probably great on a beach.

#2494 Good Measure Up 'N At 'Em (USA)

Whoa. This is insane. It's a 7.6% imperial milk stout - it smells like a cup of coffee, with vanilla, cinnamon, creamy lactose vibes, chocolate... it's like I'm drinking a chocolate coffee cake. Bloody amazing.

#2493 Lost Nation Roll Away (USA)

We detoured to visit Good Measure for an interview but it didn't work out, so we grabbed a burger and a pint next door. This is a 6.5% NEIPA, hazy and lightly carbonated, malty and dusty, super fruity, with a dryer than expected finish. Love it.