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Here's a non-mysterious IG post with full musical arrangement (no funny stuff!) on vinyl, via my phone. First time I'm hearing this on vinyl and ooo it sounds pretty on wax!!... #testpressungen #thisisnotanadvert #thisismyfavoritepartofmakingrecords @grizzlybear @crbear @drrossen @edroste @carlespisunyer

"Good mourning everyone!.."

I'm getting on a boat to Trappist 1e or 1c and I'm only bringing friends who are nice to one another and no mean people are allowed. Thank you @beechapelhome for the lift.

On my way out the door...

Hole in the wall

Lighthouse keeper

M'encanta.. O_O

How about this little guys hat?! Found him today while foraging for mushrooms.

"On the day of judgment, he will be spared who has done service. ..The antichrist will come..." from here "the song of Sybil" gets much worse. Check it for yourself. Eesh. Merry Christmas? #Catholictraditions #imnotCatholic

Time to get out of Dodge

Whoa. Here we are.

I have cool friends. I have no doubt. Happy Halloween you all !! #wishidressedup? @lorenkramar @mariapisunyer @mstasis

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