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My man @pepovenus came to see what ive been working on so hard... I know y'all are tired of seeing posts from me that are NOT about bodybuilding, but I thought u might like to see these videos he's making. He's with me for the whole week and will go with me when I compete too, so I will finally have some videos for y'all.
So many people been asking how they can help support my youth program so I started a foundation where people can donate. For everyone that donates, I will put their name on the walls of our facility so the kids can see how people from all over the world are supporting them, and I will let the kids draw some "thank you" cards and pictures to send to everyone. Then they can see how big the world is outside of our small town❤
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Look at this trophy I won last night...
2 of my lil homies that come to my program, they grandma doing the best she can to take care of them, but as u can see she aint no barber. So I made a lil hang-out spot in the facility to cut hair and let the boys play video games while they wait. Was able to hook these 2 brothers up. They were in the back seat of my truck doing something, I couldn't tell what... Then the older brother showed me his hand... Was nothing on it, until they shined my sons black light on it. I almost cried❤

Yea.... I guess i could be somewhere on the other side of the world... Sleeping training and eating chicken all day... But I'd rather be here shining these REAL trophies and watching them grow❤

Just got home from Moscow, must be something is that Russian air and the energy from all the people in the expo that made me look better today, so Spasibo! haha
When I used to prep myself as an amateur I was fearless... Nobody knew me and it didnt matter if I looked good or not... Now so much pressure makes me worry so much about what if things go wrong... Thats why I need a coach bla bla bla... Truth is anything can go wrong regardless... Everything is alright so far

My first boomerang (whatever the fk that is) it took me 2 days to figure out how people do that shit... Anyway...flip flops or quads, take your pick haha
As for the prep, I feel I look leaner now... Some new lines in my quads but they are a bit smaller... So I will make some adjustments and see if I can keep them big enough to at least look like I do train legs. Huge quads was never a look I wanted, but enough to match my body as a whole, for proper symmetry so we'll see what happens

So I got to guest pose last week at @johnjsherman show in Galvaston TX and I got to wear my favorite costume. The energy of the people so happy to see me refreshed my soul. And I was able to check my progress on stage which was helpful with my prep
Last time I was on stage was in vegas 😟, much worse circumstances. But I realize every time u wake up is another chance to try again
Oh and I attached some pics of my woodwork... Got them on location but haven't put them up yet... And y'all will never guess so stop trying 😈

Grown man shit... I bet U cant guess what im building... I'll show u tomorrow


Aaaaand pics again... Getting boring ain't it...

Another week down... Video quality not great. I guess its too early in the morning and not bright outside but whatever, no filter like y'all sumbitches do to make yourself look hard haha

Um...I just made a cake... First cake I ever made... For my sons birthday. I call it: The messy paint cake, an abstract art 😁 baking cakes is about 20% gay, but its for my son so its a good reason. Enough icing? Yes, sooo enough

Progress or nah?
I pulled out my old diet books and methods from when I did my own diet as an amateur... Was so funny reading all my old notes from back then but having to add 50-70 lbs to the equations.
Anyway, 1 week deep and a return home from Morroco. Lets see what the next week brings
Ps yes I have on flip flops and yes my feet are ashy, go watch porn and stop looking at another mans feet haha

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