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Cedric McMillan -The One 

That time my dance crew slayed... R.I.P.

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Our Dance Crew is unstoppable, please pray for whoever we just destroyed in that moment.

Wtf is this bullshit... πŸ˜’ y'all childish... Just having a whole damn party around me... And took the time to produce this whole video. Y'all play too much. Who even does shit like that?!πŸ˜‘ and its not even funny...πŸ˜’
Im gonna have my revenge on everybody that works for @scitecnutrition one by one 😈
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Do you remember what @cedricmcmillan did at the @arnoldsports last year on stage? It was payback time for him!! With this I wish @schwarzenegger a speedy recovery! I got your back and I'll make sure @cedricmcmillan will behave in the future! For everyone's safety! #paybacktime #nodryhumps #igotyourback #youwillbeback @scitecnutrition @scitec_deutschland @scitec_middle_east

πŸ˜‚ im me

Santa Cruz, Bolivia, South America

UK Mate!

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I have some shirts left over from the fundraiser we did at the Arnold meet & greet. The people in my line got over 100 shirts in the 2 hours we could be there until security made us leave, we were the last ones there haha
All of the money goes to my youth program. $20 each or whatever donation you would like to make. Send it to lancasteryldp@yahoo.com on PayPal. Leave a message there with your address and size, style (v-neck/crew neck) and ill get them sent out asap. Also I would really like it if u wanna leave a message for the kids. I wanna show them people from all over the world support them. I will have your messages printed out and posted in our facility.
Honestly, I been real nervous about this lil project myself so I understand if u dont like them cause I dont like ANYTHING with me on it haha
Thank yall

Im Ready...

New YouTube shoulder workout video
Filmed by @dreschervisuals
Produced by @scitecnutrition
Trailer by @cedricmcmillan (my Celphone app video editing skills getting pretty good ain't it! 😁)
Music by Craig Mack (some of y'all too young to know who that is)
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That time my real daddy showed up, proud as hell but not that good with a camera-phone, but wouldnt sit down and chill...

A look into my Youth Program we started here in the town I grew up in❀... Video produced by Pepo Venus as he filmed me in preparation for the last 2 competitions of the 2017 season. This is the full video pt 1... 3 more on the way soon!
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This me dropping off amazon orders at your momma house 😁

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