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A really nice video of my youth program 😊
Link in the bio

Video from about 4 weeks ago shot by Dan Drescher for Scitec Nutrition and Muscle & Strength
#Repost @dreschervisuals (@get_repost)
New video with @scitecusa athlete @cedricmcmillan shot at the @muscleandstrength HQ . Cedric has such a unique outlook on the sport of bodybuilding- it was a honor to work with such a humble athlete from South Carolina.

The best thing ive ever done with my life... Starting this Youth Program. I can remember being a bad ass lil boy from the projects, getting kicked out of school and all that. Thankful that I can help these kids have a better start to their life with the life lessons ive learned in my Army and Bodybuilding careers.

I used to watch bodybuilding on TV when I was a kid... I never imagined somebody would be watching ME!
I thought this was a cool picture of the homey @joe_archi_ watching me compete online at the 2016 Arnold in Australia... The necklace around my wrist is my personal arnold trophy I had got made... I knew I would neber win the Arnold Classic so I made my own trophy... But so far I haven't been man enough to wear it around my neck haha

2013, 6th place. Back then all I could do was talk to the statue. "Im gonna keep coming until you notice me. I'll show them what bodybuilding is" as I kissed a peace sign
People put so much emphasis on winning and what they think success is. I believe enjoying doing what u love IS success! Even when ur losing, not making no money, and people talkin shit.
So many of us work our ass off in jobs We hate, stressed out, and putting up with a lot of bullshit in life. I hope we can all find something we love, whatever it may be, and be able to enjoy doing it sometimes.
Just do it for the right reasons

Hahaha! I cant even think of nothing to type for this. I dont even remember taking this pic. I swear if it wasn't for cameras I wouldn't know how crazy I am sometimes haha

The Dead Sea... Lowest elevation on earth which makes the oxygen content higher here than the rest of the earth. People with respiratory problems can breath better here.
The salt content is 10 times higher than ocean water, and the water is so dense it makes u float (I was scared at first😕).
People come here for this mud and water to cure skin diseases.
Chinese people will take pictures of u without your permission... I mean u could be dying on the street and they will put a camera phone in your face, no bullshit😁📱 haha
Check out how apprehensive I was about getting in at first... Like a big ass kid😓.
The water made my nuts burn cause I shaved them a few days ago😖

Life ain't about trying to prove shit to nobody. Its about living. So do things your way. Fuck all these bullshit social media personas and all the fake shit. Pay your own bills, Be a good person and take care of your people, and try to enjoy doing what u want when u can

New MD...

Tall know I don't even like selfies... But for some reason this old man touched my heart when I seen him. Respect
Mr Jabar Ahmed ❤

I always get my revenge 😈
1080p HD zoom

Microphone check one two what is this, Cedric in Iraq doing radio business. 99.3 Babylon Radio station in Erbil Iraq

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