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let me love you old school; i know you will dig it //

incandesce ✨

one day i'll know; if i go, there's just no telling how far i'll go 🍍

begged for the night to end with cookies 😭

dry winter days in chi, chi

i'm just a boy in need of some mixed nuts // pc: @justine.perfecto

beginning to think this red underwear superstition is phony, given i've been doing it every year. welp. #MMXVII 🐓

button-ups under sweaters ft. an artist's floor

sine qua non

words cannot express how emotional being 21 was and i truly believe i've learned more than i ever have about myself in just the past year alone. i've loved, i've lost, i got lost, yet i've triumphed. so to anyone who has had even the smallest bit of influence on me during my 21st year, whether or not you are still a part of my life now, know that you have my gratitude-- you've shown your love for me and in turn i've learned to love myself enough to allow for 22 to happen. thank you for the birthday greetings and a special thanks to friends and family who celebrated with me this year; i had a great thanksgiving weekend and i was spoiled beyond belief by you guys and i'm indeed so thankful for all of you. come at me, 22 🤓 // pc: @pawnxxknight

#blessed because 'tis the season i'm so happy