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Just holding a baby lamb at Cousin Patricia’s last night 😍 we got to say goodbye to some of the family in Ireland that we were so lucky to meet. I have to say- it was hard to leave. They’re so welcoming and at the risk of sounding cliche- lovely. Hoping we can come back sooner rather than later.

I’m so glad i brought this with me because little took not 1, 2, or even 3 falls on one knee alone on this trip- she took 6! Every time she’s tripped or fallen off something it’s onto the same exact knee. Lavender helps reduce the bruising, swelling, and also acts as an antibacterial for scraps and cuts as well. First aid in a bottle.

Yesterday we ventured OUT of Dublin and onto to Newgrange ❤️ i cant believe we almost skipped this place! And there’s no other photos because it’s a secret and older than the Pyramids AND Stonehenge!

After all the beautiful small country towns- Evelyn’s face sums up how we feel about Dublin so far 😂 I’m not a city girl and I’m not sure Dublin will win me over 😂 so many people. So crowded. So much walking. We’re headed to a smaller town today and more history.

We made it just in time for the last Guinness “tour”- which wasn’t even a tour at all- it was a thousand people packed into a self guided tour that you barely had room to breathe in 😳- let alone read or watch anything- add in already drunk people with a toddler- basically a hot mess. I’ll just enjoy Guinness in the pubs 😂

Took a drive out to the National Stud and had the BEST guided tour around the grounds. We also got to see the “boss” who studs out for $300,000€ a pop - and he’s fully booked 4x a day until June 😂 that’s a hard performing job right there.

The temper tantrum tamer- which let me tell you- we’ve had a whole lot of temper tantrums on this trip 😳 a whole lot. I rub this on the back of her neck and boom- calmed down and able to reason with her!

Playtime in Kilkenny on a drizzle day

Rock of Cashel- discounted admission due to restoration going on. Ran into some Americans we met at Jameson yesterday! Small world even in Ireland.

This one may seem random. And why the citrus blend when I could have just done one citrus like wild orange or tangerine. But some of the places we have drove through the smells have not been good (read: cows and turf) and sometimes we need something to clean the air and freshen up the car. So citrus bliss it is! Out a drop or two on a napkin and then i put it in front of a vent for a few minutes to blow through the car- awful barn smells gone!

Today was all about Jameson in Midleton. I was a volunteer for the 3 comparisons- and i cant believe we in America- have such horrible whiskey 😂 it’s not my drink of choice #wino - but it was a cool experience.

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