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I'm that runner with a goofy smile on their face looking at everything but the ground. #sometimesitrip #butthatsnormal

My bestie is ready to pop with Baby Hebia 2. Eemo (Korean for Auntie) is excited to meet you! ...Except also kinda stressed right now because finals but also so excited. 😅👋🏼👶🏻

Center for ants. #happyplace

Never imagined I'd be able to show my siblings around one of my most favourite places. Cali, I've missed you. And Getty, you're crazy beautiful. #KimKali #GettyMuseum

The craving is real. #OllivandersWandShop

Cold eyes, full hearts! The Toronto Light Festival was worth braving the cold. Thanks Mathew and @tolightfest artists for the interviews and for showing us around today.

Baby Jordan's 100 Day! Don't worry - we will never shoot you with nerf guns the way your dad did to us when we were kids. We'll wait until you can shoot back! #7siblings #1song #1nephew
Congrats Johannes & Jesica!

Standing here trying to be all cute but really just wondering W5H am I making it back to #WizardingWorld. ✨🌙⚡️💫⭐️🌛

My sister and her sister made sure I didn't go home empty handed. Congrats to the sweetest, most chill couple ever. 💍💎❄️💙💍💎❄️💙💍💎❄️💙 #famiglia #iceicewedding #freshtodeath #weirdlynotmylastweddingoftheyear

A candle loses nothing by lighting another candle. - James Keller
But for real, don't be a grinch this season. The situation in Aleppo is still dire. And there are so many who need food, shelter, and warm things like sleeping bags - children most of all. There are so many ways to give. Here are a few to start with.
#Aleppo #Syria #Iraq #preemptivelovecoalition #AndPray

First time throwing clay! (That's the fancy term artists use when using the #potterywheel). #pottergirl #HP4ever

tmw someone asks you where you got your lips done #aunaturelbiatchhh #damnitkylie

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