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I don't often do #skincareroutine photos bc I'm constantly changing things up but I'll share the routine I used to get ready for a wedding yesterday. Isn't the centerpiece beautiful💐?! I separated out the lillies so there would be room for them to bloom 😊. It makes me reminisce on my own wedding just two months ago!

I used:
💖@sooae.official Cleansing Water* to take off the oiliness and sweat from a humid and rainy morning
💖@purito_official Defense Barrier Low pH Cleanser to lightly cleanse*
💖@blithecosmetic Energy Yellow Splash Mask. I used this in-shower and patted it on after cleansing. I LOVE this stuff! Makes my skin instantly smooth!
💖@deciem The Ordinary Lactic Acid on cheeks and forehead and the stronger Glycolic Acid on nose and chin where pimples usually form
💖@purito_official Fermented Complex 94 Boosting Essence*
💖@iunik_official Rose Toner*, Beta-Glucan Serum* and Daily Moisturizer*
💖@sundayriley Luna Oil sample (this was used at night prior to the morning routine)
💖@kao_biore_japan Aqua Rich Watery Gel SPF 50 PA++++. My HG #sunscreen

What must-haves do you use to prep for a big event like a wedding? 👰💘🤵 *PR Gifted

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GOOD MORNING☕☀️! I bought the Brown Bag Coffee in Grand David from 0.8liter and it was absolutely robust and flavorful. It was at a discounted price of $3.99 in exchange for an honest review. There is a LOT OF CAFFEINE in these! I grounded these coarse for cold brew and it SENT ME TO THE SKY 🤸‍♀️ my first time drinking it! I learned to use less grounds because I don't need so much of it. The beans are not oily either, good for an at-home espresso machine like ours when we make hot coffee (oily beans will clog our machine unless we ground it ourselves). These definitely has sk much flavor, it was a noticeable difference from the other beans we use.

To make #coldbrew, I put 14 to 16 tablespoons of coarse ground into my Takeya cold brew canister and put about 4 cups of cold water. Leave in the frig overnight for at least 12 hours and it will brew naturally. Cold brewing leaves behind bitter flavors and brews so strongly that it won't water down when u add ice. I've been making this all summer for both the hubs and I.

Do u cold brew at home? It's so easy and saves us money 💰 by doing it ourselves!

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#HumpDay beauty review to get everyone through the rest of the week 😪 This is my last #PRgift item from @iunik_official and it's the Beta-Glucan Daily Moisture Cream. I raved about the #BetaGlucan ingredient in my last post with their 100% Beta-Glucan serum. It's such a powerful and understated ingredient that I'm expecting it to pop up more in our #skincare products. 💖 PROS: The cream is very lightweight and spreads well but it's not a watery gel cream. The texture is more thick. There are no offensive smells and it's not tacky or sticky. Works well as a light moisturizer in the summer, day or night. My skin feels clean. I don't feel like the moisture lasts all day however. Mid day around 4pm I'll use a face mist 💨🤣to rehydrate. It has good antioxidants from fruits and moisturizers like Sodium Hyaluronate, Allantoin and Betaine. 😐 CONS: The only con is that it's not the fanciest cream on the market. It works fine as an everyday cream but I'm not particularly drawn to using it. It not only looks like it has a lot of silicones in it but it feels like it's silicone. I think I prefer a more watery gel cream texture, just personal preference.

Overall, the cream works in general but with so many other creams on the market, I dont see myself reaching for this although I like the iUnik Rose Toner a lot 😍

Has anyone else tried this? Thoughts?! #kbeauty #kbeautyblogger #kblogger #kbeautyskincare #kbeautyroutine #skincare #skincarecommunity #skincarebloggers #rasianbeauty #iunik

I've been loving poms poms lately🍡! They are so cute for summer and another item I've been using this summer is the 100% Beta Glucan Power Moisture Serum from @iunik_official. This is a #PRGift but the review is my honest opinion.

I haven't used anything with #BetaGlucan as the star ingredient so I had to do some research as to what it is. It apparently can hydrate 20% better than Hyaluronic Acid in the same concentration, repair wounds, and it's a great anti-oxidant. It's derived from the cellulose in plants and comes from oats, baker's yeast, and mushrooms. It can actually form an ultra thin film and protect your skin barrier from environmental stress too! Because of its anti-bacterial and immune-boosting properties, it's great for acne! 💖PROS: This serum gives me a #GlassSkin look😍. I can't stop touching my nose and my cheeks because the texture is VERY smooth and feel so refined. Product is also affordable on Amazon for around $27. There aren't any weird smells either. 😒CONS: At first, the serum is gloppy and thick, you NEED to pat this product in order for it to do its job. It looks like snail-serum where there are sticky "strands" but this goes away when the product is absorbed. There are some nights when I'm too tired to do the patting and I'll just use another serum bc otherwise, the product will sit on top and feel thick. This isn't a big con, it's more of note on how to use. Because of the slightest tackiness, I don't tend to put this on my forehead. Everywhere else, the finish feels great on my cheeks and nose. I think this serum will work great in the winter time because of the literal barrier it provides.

Overall, this product works and does what it claims: moisturize, nourish, soothe, and provide skin elasticity. Packaging and formula are kept minimal in order for consumers to afford this (can't be simpler than 100% Beta-Glucan)!!! Has anyone else tried Beta-Glucan? How did u like it?

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💐When your gift bag makes a great IG #flatlay 😝 I've been using this #PRgift from @iunik_official for the last 3 weeks and I'm surprised at how much I LOVE it. This is their Rose Galactomyces Essential Toner 🌹, made out of 70% Damask Rose Flower Water and 10% Galactomyces Fermented Filtrate (I'll explain what this is below). It's recommended for oily skin as it claims to help with oil production and pore control. I have normal to dry skin so I can't speak for the oil control but I can definitely vouch for its hydration powers. 💖PROS: The Rose Water and Galactomyces formula feels amazingly hydrating and smoothes out my skin. The texture of the product is watery but upon application, there's a slight oily slip it has probably from the Rose Flower Oil. I like it a lot actually because it feels like it's a quasi facial oil almost! I really feel the toner soak in and makes my face feel #chokchok (plump). I can use this for the #7skinmethod (but I'm lazy and will just do a #3skinmethod). Other than a majority of lovely Rose Water 🌹, 10% is made up of Galactomyces which is fermented rice wine 🍶. The fermentation breaks down the wine into very fine particles and produces amino acids, vitamins and minerals which allow for better absorption.

The other 20% of ingredients are Sodium Hyaluronate 💧, Pomegranate Extract, White Mulberry Extract, Fig Extract, Ginkgo Biloba Nut Extract, and Licorice Extract which all provide hydration 🌊, antioxidants 💊, or brightening 💡effects 👌 pH level is also at a 5.5! 🙊CONS: Umm, none? Seriously, I almost never NOT have a con (sorry, double negative) but this product is affordable at about $23 (on Amazon) and has a pretty amazing formula. I would buy a new toner with my own money because I really love how it applies (that light oily slip). I think this might be a good toner for the winter time (but this will need to be tested). #kbeauty #koreanbeauty #kbloggers #kbeautybloggers #beautyreview #toners #hydratingtoners #kbeautyroutine #rasianbeauty #iunik #rosetoners #roses #saturday #skincare #skincarebloggers #skincareaddicts #skincareig #nycbloggers

#HappyFriday ! 🏵 Hope everyone gets to see the sun and enjoy their weekend! I'm thinking back to my vacay in Colombia where seafood was fresh and limonadas were the only things I drank 🤣 🍹

What are everyone's weekend plans?! I'm booking my honeymoon to Hawaii and shopping for a new purse (a congratulatory gift I promised myself after my job promotion). I'm thinking of just booking a ticket to Paris and doing some designer shopping there 🤤

Also I should blog... sigh!

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#tbt to #MindfulMasking @withedenharmony! I was fortunate to attend one of @miirushop's Mindful Masking workshops where we learned more about #TaiwaneseBeauty and brands that Eden carries in her shop!

We were treated to custom smoothie bowls 🍓🍌🥥 and introductions to some cool #tbeauty brands like
And more!

Most excited about the cosmeceutical quality from Dr. Wu and Dr. Hshieh brands. We tried the 18% Mandelic Acid from Dr. Wu, a very gentle acid. And layered the Dr. Hshieh toner and lotion (hydrating version💦) for me. Then we meditated 🧘‍♀️ for using the #Mirae 8 minute mask. It honestly could have stayed on longer it was so well packed with mask juice yet thin! (See video in this carousel). Eden's voice is so soothing and it made me realize I never pause to really enjoy the now. My stress levels are so high from my actual non-blogging job that my neck and back muscles are so screwed up 😫 Must take time to really breathe and loosen up our bodies. Apparently our skin won't absorb product if we are tight and not being mindful about it!

Thank you Eden for having us! It was a joy to learn more about T-beauty! 🇹🇼 #kblogger #kbeautyblogger #asianbeauty #rasianbeauty #miirushop #skincare #skincarebloggers #sheetmasks #nycbloggers #selfcare #skincareaddicts

I'm le tired 😩 after having a fun and productive weekend. Partying, meal prepping and gearing up for my own birthday coming up this weekend! Is it crazy to go to Paris just to shop? It may be a bday/promotion present to myself 😇 cuz the husband doesn't want anything to do with it 😂

Always hard at work too is your facial cleanser. It's used in a daily basis because it's needed to clear away dirt, oil and makeup. @purito_official gifted me 3 items to try and review. This is the Defense Barrier pH Cleanser and it clocks in at a about a 5.0 to 5.5 pH -exactly as ehat it claims!

First Impressions: The cleanser smells like tea tree 🌿 and lathers up nicely. There's also Centella to calm skin down. Skin doesn't feel dry or tight but I don't notice anything else either? It's good for all skin types and can work morning or night. I have normal skin so I'm not sure how beneficial Centella and Tea Tree are for my skin. I also don't like the smell of Tea Tree either so I'm not sure if this is my DREAM cleanser. I get occasional pimples so this cleanser with Tea Tree may be saving me in ways I don't even know 🤔

Interesting brand story behind #Purito is that they started out as a distribution company 📦for other road shop brands and learned the ins and outs of #kbeauty and the end customer. Purito, like it's namesake, promises to be pure in its ingredient sourcing by omitting the 20 types of ingredients that require precaution and 26 types that may cause allergic reactions. They also commit to never testing on animals 🐰 and to use eco-friendly packaging ♻️. @puritokorea #kbeautybloggers #skincare #skincareblogger #abblogger #rasianbeauty #kblogger #abcommunity #kbeautyblogger #instablogger #prgift #koreanbeauty #kbeautynyc #discoverunder10k #cleanser

#NYCSampleSale mini haul from @260samplesale 💯. Crazy @stilacosmetics prices💸 (other brands at the SS were Dr.Jart and Tocca). I went there for one reason only: Shimmer & Glow Liquid eyeshadows👀👀. These are so pigmented and shimmery and I bought these mainly for the fast application so I can just get my butt out the door.

I bought Jezebel (copper rose gold) and Bohême (a purpley taupe). I wore Jezebel today and the selfie is from riding a LIRR train on my way to a bday party lol 🎉

Something disappointing about these is that they are NOT water resistant. After swatching I only rinsed my hand with water (no soap) and they came off so easily! This makes me worry when I'm going to sweat or cry it's just going to wipe right off. I also will need to get used to the wet feeling from the shadow while they are drying. Once they set, they don't really budge but water immediately makes it smear off.

These are $24 orig retail and were $10 on Friday. Expect these to go reduce further by tomorrow, last day of the sale at: 📍260 5th Avenue (b/t 28th & 29th street), NYC

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#SundayFunday with my #skincare stash. My new FAVORITE toner is from @iunik_official which was PR Gifted. The Rose Galactomyces Essential Toner 🌹 is made from 70% Damask Rose Water and 10% Galactomyces Ferment Filtrate. It has a very light oily slip almost and after patting in, it moisturizes my skin amazingly💯💦. I can't get enough and use it for layering in the #3skinmethod (or #7skinmethod). Other notable ingredients include sodium hyaluronate, ginko biloba root extract, and licorice root extract
The other items contain beta-glucan in the form of a serum and a daily cream. The serum has a sticky snail-like concistency but goes away after some patting in. The Daily Moisture Cream is light and almost gel like. I'll review these in more depth individually but so far so good!
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Wishing I was in Colombia 🇨🇴 again! Thinking sunny and colorful thoughts to bring us into the #weekend! 🕶
😎Sunnies @shopcovry
👚Tank and Shorts @forever21
👜Bag @longchamp
👒Hat is from a local vendor
#millennialpink #rainbow #travelgram #travel #cartagena #igtraveller #igtravel #travelgram #ootd #ootdfashion #mycovry

Real #SheetTalk 😍💐 It's not everyday I immediately fall in love with a #sheetmask but this @abybom__cosmetics Ultra Floral Leaf Mask is AH-MAZING 👏👏👏. This was a PR Gift from @amabiebeauty @shopamabie but I had already bought a 5 pack from @besfrenbeauty so I had intentions with testing this very Instagrammy product
Pandering to #skintertainment and #skincare as a performance, this 2 Step mask uses cherry blossom🌸🌸 patches as a first layer and then another sheet mask is layered over it, showing off the pretty patches🌸🌸
I normally dont seek out products just for the scent but DANG this baby suits my 👃 perfectly! It's light and floral and right up my alley 😍🌸😍🌸It uses cherry blossom flower extract🌸, camellia flower extract💐, rose flower extract🌹 and lotus flower extract and claims to provide moisturization💦, brightening✨ and wrinkle prevention👵. I think it mostly smells like cherry blossom
The sheet mask itself is made out of cotton and looks light pink but not sure if it's from the essence or from the sheet itself. The essence is almost gel-like; doesn't drip and CLINGS on like gorilla glue 💪. The fit is also my DREAM fit. The eyes aren't too big and there's a mega thick upper lip strip. I hate it when the lip strip is too thin and becomes a freaking STRING across ur face. Essence lasted for well over 45 mins ⏰ but leaves a tacky finish and didn't go away until I put on my night time #skincareroutine. I woke up with very smooth and happy skin. I'm so glad I have another 5 pack waiting for me. This mask will be wonderful to use in the wintertime given it's effective moisturization
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