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Cody Mitchell  Photography is truth. And cinema is truth twenty-four times a second.🎞 -Jean-Luc Godard My most recent film from Zion ⬇️ 🏜


My favorite part of editing on an ultra-wide monitor is that it challenges me to shoot more panoramas. In a world where we’re all shooting portrait to fit vertical phone screens, it’s always refreshing to remember why horizontal format was named “landscape” in the first place.

shock me like an electric eel

When one thought ends, right before the next thought begins, there is a tiny gap called “now.” Over time we learn to expand that gap.

A magical sunset in Joshua Tree. Happy 2018! 🌵 🌅

Who’d ever want to grow up if they knew that meant less time playing outside. ⛰

Pre-avalanche. This photo was taken moments before a giant piece of the glacier sitting atop Mt Leftoy gave way, sending a thundering boom throughout the plain, as giant sheets of ice plummeted over a thousand feet. The best part is that my brother and I caught it on video. If you’re curious to see it, it’s in my film “Journey Through Banff National Park” on my Youtube.

one year ago today



If you look closely you can see Lucas in the distance watching wildfire smoke drift up the coast into the horizon. 🌬

the places i have never been

RIP Flap Flap and the SD card with all my footage he took with him. 🚁

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