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Cody Mitchell  recovering perfectionist @maybesharks 🦈

just me being high ⛰

currently in utah. this is not a photo of utah.

today’s a good day for a road trip

I don’t know about you, but when I hear someone say “goals” I don’t think of big houses, fast cars or fancy clothes. Sure those things sound nice, but for me something more like this comes to my mind. A modest mobile dwelling, freedom to roam and the whole world as your backyard for play and discovery. To some that may sound immature, but who really wants to be a grown up anyways?

The Lady in the Wind

does anybody else start feeling stale when you haven’t had time out in nature for a while, or is that just me?

just around the riverbend


blustery evening moonset

If places could speak what would they say?

just go with the flow

one canadian summer

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