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SeJ  Map the Seoul

hard time deciding between Joey & IU for best album of 2017


just be yourself, don't ask us why

shikshikhagae malul gulloh

he recently became my hyung gg

"dawg, this ain't even have a leaf on it!"

like everything is everything

i miss yew

the notion that going from one brief joy to the next, putting on fake smiles & making pain real only when u learn about it- thank God i came from dust, rooted on a rock, found a church i could trust.

we have a chance to wonder about eternity & purpose. we woke up this morning. THAT'S why "How Great is Our God" is popular.

If there ever was a chance for the two of us to twist and burn through the endless fog it'd be now, it'd be here.

somehow it leaves me listless- my tongue curls up under my lips and i can't speak to tell you of the months before i met you

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