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Chelsea  Runner (13.1x4, 26.2x2). 👟 Taco lover. 🌮 Flight attendant. ✈️ World traveler. 🌎 Zensah Ambassador. 🧦 🔜 Zion National Park

Trying to find the weekend but all these mirrors just keep showing Thursday in the reflection. Versailles sure is something else. Now where is my cake?!....

For those of you who ran the Boston Marathon, all I can is, “WOW.” You all are ROCKSTARS. I stood at mile 10 for about an hour and was drenched and freezing. I can’t even imagine how you amazing runners felt! Y’all are truly incredible. •

Today was SIX easy miles...and the miles felt SUPER easy. FINALLY wearing shorts in Boston helps! I’ll tell ya..I know I don’t have a “runners body”- I’m almost 5’10, 140 pounds, my muscles don’t always show and I KIND OF look like a linebacker when I run sometimes. But i do have a RUNNERS BODY-the body of someone who (from this day forward) is going to go out EVERY SINGLE DAY and give everything I have to every single workout (thanks for the inspiration, @mileposts). The Boston Marathon is a runners dream...and I have that dream. •

I have a long way to go. A BQ is almost 90 minutes faster than my current marathon time. But you know what? Life isn’t fun without a wild, crazy dream. Boston, I’m comin’ for you. One day at a time. Let’s get it.

Just polarin’ around with my bear-y new friend. Cheesy enough?! The San Diego Zoo is amazing. We are both very concerned about CLIMATE CHANGE. We have to do better to protect our earth and our animal friends!!! ❤️🐻

I think I’m ready to pack my bags and move to San Diego for good! Perfect weather, delicious food, beautiful beaches, nice people...what else do you need?! What a lovely day with breathtaking views. Thankful. Thankful. Thankful. ☀️🌊

Gosh I miss London. The people. The architecture. But I’m JUMPING for joy because tomorrow I head to San Diego for a couple of days with @duvaa! So excited for some warm weather and tacos! Any suggestions on must eat places?!?!

After my trip to London and Paris I had several people reach out to me and say, “I wish I could travel and see the world.” I wanted to respond with, “why don’t you?!” There will always be things going on in our lives; jobs, relationships, school, homework. The timing may never seem right. But life is SHORT, my friends. Nothing is a sure thing. If you’re sitting on your phone desperately wanting to see the world, here’s my advice: BUY THE PLANE TICKET. ALWAYS buy the plane ticket. ✈️

Happy birthday, @glamazonn ! If you had told me on Christmas Eve 2015 that we’d be twirling around Magic Kingdom in skirts for your 26th birthday I would’ve told you that you were crazy (and weird). I’m so thankful for you and all the joy and laughs you bring me. Thank you for being there for me, for listening to me and for cheering me on. I’ll love you when you have mustard on your shirt outside Spiderman and I’ll love you when you attempt to smuggle shells into the United States. I can’t wait for all our upcoming adventures and prings & buns games. I love you, ED! ❤️

Living my best Disney park & wrinkled shirt at a time. ☕️

Expectation —> reality // Trying to take pictures at Versailles when it’s pouring rain and 40 mph winds is super fun! I’ve decided I’m moving into the Château and eating all the cake i want while lounging in the Hall of Mirrors. And then starting a Revolution. Who’s with me?! 🍰👊🏻🇫🇷

Je t'aime, Disneyland Paris! Three Disney parks visited, three to go! 🇫🇷🏰

Imagine going to a museum that houses some of the most FAMOUS pieces of art in the world (I’m looking at you, Leonardo), jumping off a block in front of one of the most RECOGNIZABLE pieces of modern architecture in hopes of getting a cool picture and the photos that turn out the best look like T H I S. // Shout out to all the friends out there that don’t always take/post the perfect picture...but are too busy enjoying the hell out of life to care! // 7 hours spent walking all around the Louvre and getting lost (anyone else stumble into rooms that seemed to appear out of nowhere while visiting?! 😂). It was all worth it to see some of the works of art I spent my college years studying. Parting thought & unpopular opinion-the Mona Lisa is 100% underwhelming! 📷: @jamesbrown4

“Paris is always a good idea.” -A.H. ... especially when I take a beautiful, iconic photo with the Eiffel Tower and my bag and jacket are in the shot. Put this shot in Vogue!! // 13 miles walking around Paris and it is B E A U T I F U L. I can’t wait to share more photos of this lovely city 💕🇫🇷💕

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