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Which cast is your favorite? #sdcc

Hotter than hell🔥
New photoshoot 📸✨ I'm so excited! Can't wait to see it 😍

It's time to share my opinion.
So happy to see Caroline again. We'll see a new piece of her storyline and it sounds great. I think she's not gonna be there as a love interest. Don't understand why fans think that Care here for Klaus. It's all about Hope Mikaelson, not about klaroline. Maybe she will be on screen with Hope at the Salvatore boarding school.
About klaroline. I don't think that Caroline be with Klaus. She doesn't love him. It's a kind of friendship. I like Klaus, don't want to see him with woman who remember about him only when she needs something.
Ps. Klaroline fans, don't be rude to me. Don't say "shut the fuck up". I will block you if I see something like this again. You can express your opinion - but do it respectfully.

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I know it's little strange, but I like it 😅 At least she's beautiful 🌸

Photoshoot or real life?

Look at this adorable little bunny 😻😄

Florence 😍

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Baby bump appreciation post 👶

| @iamnikkireed & @craccola x maternity street style ☀
They look so good 😍

How would you describe Candice and Ian in one word?

Happy bday @phoebejtonkin ❤🐝

This is what happiness looks like 😻

Mommy Hayley or Mommy Caroline? ❤

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