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  Living • Breathing • Traveling & doing everything in LOVE God is Love • Psalms 119 💌

Hey DMV area! My friend @lady_v has been working hard on her new business endeavor. She's currently booking events and month of wedding planning in the DMV area & available for travel. Please head over to follow @ladyveventsanddesigns & subscribe to their website! Can't wait to see all she has in store #bossbabe

Summer goes by too quickly.
Make yours make a difference.

This year, United Way will host our first annual Project Homeless Connect, a one day event that will bring together more than 200 families experiencing homelessness and connect them to critical support services, all in one place.
And we’re going to need a lot of volunteers to make it happen! Join us with your family, friends or colleagues for a transformative volunteer experience that will better connect you – and the people you’re helping – to our community.

We are also looking for ALOT of volunteers and if you can provide direct services to these families please contact me #projecthomelessconnect #boston

We are hosting our first Project Homeless Connect on August 11th in Boston to provide direct service to families currently experiencing homelessness. If you are out of town or in town you can still support by purchasing school supplies for students attending from our Amazon wishlist. and if you are interested to volunteer please DM me for details! #projecthomelessconnect

Happy Sweet 16th Birthday @taelorpina love you ❤️

Sometimes you just need a good word on a Monday. 👑 #iftheshoefits RepostBy @flyeffortlessly87: "Like I always say people treat you is their path, how you respond is YOURS. Don't let other peoples actions dictate the kind of person you are, trust me they will reap what they sowed without you lifting a finger I can promise you that. Don't block your blessings by stooping to their level. Be loyal to disloyal people, love ppl that hate you, be pure be genuine. Respect that woman's relationship even if her man is the one coming onto you, even if she isn't your "friend", even if in fact, if the shoe was on the other foot she probably wouldn't respect yours, you don't let that dictate the woman you stand for though, Remain true to who you are and the woman God called you to be no matter what, that doesn't mean your weak that actually shows strength, integrity and character, don't deal with Married men, that's another level of karma you shouldn't even want to see.... God would never send you somebody else's husband sis.... give even when you don't have much to give, be a blessing to other ppl even when your goin through your own trials.... don't tell your ex friends business now that you guys aren't friends anymore, even if she's probably telling yours, let God deal with her! I know all this is easier said than done, but just TRY, the reward of being a GOOD PERSON all around no matter what is priceless...... I don't care who's crossed me in my life, you can bet your bottom dollar I'll NEVER cross you back, ..this isn't me down talking anyone that's making any of the mistakes I've listed above, it's literally coming from a Genuine place ❤️ We all make mistakes but it's up to you how your story ends .....cut from a different cloth out here, just tryna pass on some free game.... God bless y'all ❤️
Maxie.j 👄"

Phenomenal Women👑👑👑

🐝 something #FINDYOUREGO #dadhats

Head over to @littlecelebrationsrentals to see more of @chrisfetevents magic for Harmon Airlines party 🎉 featuring our red and clear chiavari chairs w/ our kid 6ft table.

#Repost @adarraaa Because the encourager needs encouraging, too. And the more they pour out the more filling they need. Humble enough to say I fall into this category. Although God heals our wounds, our scars often times are there and we aren't reminded of them until someone else has fallen and asks us how to nurse their wound. So only if you really pray, I ask you to send one up for me.

Me🙋🏾 😂 check the slight one handed push up.

When me & @pelepels have a mini high school reunion 💕 it's not a photo unless you get a selfie in <<swipe>> #CELEBRATINGSIX

When the photo booth is lit 🔥😂 #CELEBRATINGSIX

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