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  Living • Breathing • Traveling Connecting to my higher self - that's the God in me❣️ God is Love • Psalms 119 †

“A woman's work is never done, especially when it comes to liberating the truth of the woman that stands next to her. We're led by these women. We are inspired by these women. These women remind us to stand tall and to stand firm in our womanhood.” @xonecole
Thank you @hellonecole, @cricepr & @lashellwooten for hosting the Pretty Powerful You event. Thank you sharing your stories and living in your truth.
This room was filled with all types of good vibes, strength, transparency and freedom. Yesterday I took time for self-care and it was everything I needed for this next chapter of my life. Thank you @glamporridge for the woman you are and taking on this journey with me. Can’t wait to see our vision boards manifest!


Pick up the phone baby 😏#diamondsandfur #chrisfeteevents #icygirl


NYE 18✨🍾

My moms forever mood🤣🤣 congrats Mommy @sexi_gran_ma for passing your test today!! You’ve worked and studied so hard! Congrats 🍾🎉#careermoves #goalgetter #myrolemodel P.S. she was grooving on these Maryland crabs lmbooo coming out


Shout out to Asian girls, let the lights dim sum 🎎👑 but with their spirits their lights never dim! 😍 #zudyholidayparty2017

Do it for the culture 🎎 #blackorean

Obstacles be slowing me
But that buffer molden me
So I take my time cause I’m always where I’m suppose to be ❄️

Don’t lack compassion and your integrity. Ever.

Don't go into the new year with your bull$hit "Pick one. You may have to get out of your own way....
The crazy part is that many that are “in their own” way, don’t even realize it. That includes perfectionist that haven’t done whatever it is they planned to do b/c it’s not perfect, those that are scared of what someone else may say about them when they succeed or fail, those that make up every excuse for why they aren’t where they should be/ want to be in life, those that think they are above starting at the bottom, those that want to be chiefs, but have never been Indians.... none of them are committed to growth b/c all of that is straight hot garbage bull$hit.
It’s horrible that they don’t realize it. You can’t tell them anything b/c they’d deny that any of it is actually BS. In their mind it’s all legitimate reasons for why they’re stuck. In reality it is a poor mindset and the inability to believe that they can actually be great! What can you do??? 🤷🏽‍♀️Not much unless you want them to pull you down too! Wish them well and carry on! Eventually something will click and they’ll realize at some point that they’d rather divorce the bull$hit and get married to growth!" @mompreneur_esq

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