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C.Churchill  Author of I am a woman not a Winston. My second book, color body feels, available now. Link below. Always keep dreaming my friends. Be unique. Be you.

Happy Monday!
Sometimes you need a day off to rest and recuperate. When I take a day off I love to read! Both of my books are available on Amazon. The link is in my bio @cc_writes.
Thank you all for your support!
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Happy Father’s Day and for those that have lost theirs keep in mind they are here and always will be.
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Have you ever met someone that can ground you in a mere kiss? Let them know, tag your love 😘
Happy Sunday .
My new book COLOR BODY FEELS is available for less than ten dollars today on Amazon! The link is in my bio @cc_writes .
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Know your worth.
Happy Saturday, this is a piece from my debut poetry collection, I am a woman not a Winston, available on Amazon.
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Right place wrong time trying to catch what could have beens.
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Happy Friday .
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Grad a copy of my new book Color Body Feels today the link is in my bio @cc_writes

For those who have lost someone dates become this strange stopping /starting point. As time passes they become less pronounced but they are always there, every year. The math of life .
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Thank you for reading if you would like to order my new book COLOR BODY FEELS the link is in my bio @cc_writes #ccwrites #poets

I will never understand how people who so openly hate entire groups of people can possibly find true love.
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Feels. Who gives you butterflies?
A piece from my new book COLOR BODY FEELS grab yours today! Available on @amazon the link is in my bio @cc_writes .
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Many nights, many wishes and I still count on you.
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MY NEW BOOK COLOR BODY FEELS is now available on @amazon only $9.79 for 178 pages! The link is in my bio @cc_writes
Thank you all for reading.

There will always be people trying to steal your hope. Bullies will lash out and be unkind. I have been whipped and belittled but never beaten. Hold your hope and keep it safe for those with self imposed crowns will always fall behind.
For anyone in this community who has been bullied you are not alone.
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